Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Digital Art and Google Drawings - Mosaic Lighthouses, 8th grade ... plus, Shade Your Content, Add a Popup to Google Docs, #EdTech #Art

Digital Art and Google Drawings
This post is highlighting some of the lessons I’ve used with my 8th-grade Digital Art Design classes.

For this week:
Mosaic Lighthouses

  1. I did a quick introduction to the mosaic art form with examples.
  2. They drew a lighthouse on 8.5 x 11 paper from reference pictures, by hand.
  3. They took a picture of their drawing, put it into a Google Drawing.
  4. Using shapes, they started creating their mosaic lighthouses.
For the assignment criteria and tips page, click here.

Hand Drawn To Digital Examples:

Some things I want to try in my classroom:
Shade Your Content for Structured Instruction
This post from Brenham Tech Daily @BISDwiredTeam has different resources for revealing presentation information at your own pace, called shading. 

Add a Popup Message to your Google Docs
This post from @JakeMillerTech shows you how!

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