Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Did you know?
End-Of-Year Google Classroom Steps
Taking these 6 steps at the end of this school year will help give you a clean start in the Fall. This post from 
+Eric Curts walks you through the steps ... with pictures!

End of Year To-Do List for Seesaw Users
Step 1: Archive Your Old Class

  • Tap your profile icon (top left) to choose the class you want to archive.
  • Then tap the wrench icon to go to Class Settings.
  • At the bottom, choose the "Archive Class" button. 
DO NOT remove students from your class or delete your class!
Next year, you'll create a brand new Seesaw class with new students.

Step 2: Tell Families About Export Options
  • Connected family members can download a .zip archive of their child's work from the Seesaw website. 
  • Share this link as a Family Announcement in your Seesaw class to tell families how. We'll also email them when you archive your class.
To sign up to view their Sprint webinar, 
click here.


End of Year for GoGuardian Teacher
In the settings of each classroom, click the Archive button. (Thank you, Coby!)


What if?
Coming Soon! 6 Ways Quizzes in Google Forms are Getting Smarter
These new updates will be rolling out in the next week or so. Look for quiz answer suggestions (as you’re creating the quiz), autocomplete answers (also as you’re creating the quiz), the ability to automatically grade checkbox and multiple choice grid questions, give decimal grades, give highly customized feedback with Youtube and the ability to see the total number of points as you create the quiz. For more, see this post from The Keyword
+Google for Education

Turn on Gmail offline
To enable this feature, click on the gear icon in the upper right (above your list of gmails), click on Settings, Choose Offline in the list across the top, get the Gmail Offline app. To use this feature, you may need to have already changed to the new Gmail.

Something to think about…
Time for Some Geo Guessing
Google Earth launched a multiple-choice quiz where you can test your knowledge of places near and far! Use the Google Classroom link to challenge your students. Click here to jump in! You can also check out Geoguessr - relying on clues in your surroundings to try to guess where you are! 
+Google for Education

Tape up your lesson - Using tape a bit differently
Geared toward Social Studies content, but it may give you new ideas for other areas. Check out this video from Mr. Matera!

A Plastic Bag on The Kitchen Counter at All Times
This makes so much sense! When cooking or cleaning, slip your phone into the bag for protection. You can still use it, but it’s now safe from spills and splatters! For more, check out the article from Apartment Therapy.


7 Hacks for the Perfectly Packed Pool Bag
How to be ready for summer, summer, summer … from The Good Stuff


Dusting Hacks
Another set of time savers from Apartment Therapy!

7 Mexican Appetizers That Aren't Just Chips and Guac
Click here for more from 

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