Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Did you know?
Class Dojo Has New Tools
This classroom management site’s new Toolkit has some helpful features, including Group Maker, Time, Noise Meter, Think-Pair-Share and more! Click here to see all of the tools and their functions.

Create a QR Code for Anything in Drive
  • Make sure share settings are open
  • Copy the URL 
  • Go to http://goqr.me/
  • Change the type to URL (that’s the globe icon/image) and paste
  • Download the QR code
Thank you, +Tony Vincent

Gmail’s Biggest Redesign is Now Live
Snoozing, nudging, hover actions, and a new sidebar — it’s a mobile app on the web! Click here for more on the new options. There are a video and article in this post. I liked the video for a more visual walkthrough. They didn’t take anything away...they just added more. Special Note: After I enabled the new Gmail, I had to restart Chrome for things to work properly. Before the restart, it wouldn’t show the whole screen or let me open an email.

What if?
Copy Comments When Sharing in Google Classroom
The CopyComments for Classroom extension could be a great tool for elaborating on or leaving instructions within a Google Doc or Google Slide. How-To: Create your assignment first in Google Classroom, then go into the Doc or Slide, enter your comments, then click on the CopyComments for Classroom extension to choose the assignment and class in Google Classroom.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Adjusting Font Sizes
Thank you, 
+Tony Vincent for these quick ways to adjust sizes!
Windows or Chromebook:
  Control + Shift + > (increase) or Control + Shift + < (decrease)
  Command + Shift + > (increase) or Command + Shift + < (decrease)

Sent an Email You Want to Take Back?
There’s a way! When you push send on an email, a notification pops up in the bottom area of your inbox with the option to select “Undo.” You can also dictate how long you have to un-send a message. Go to Settings > General > scroll down to “Undo Send”. Thank you to the Google Keywor

Something to think about…
Helping His Students Get Their Seesaw Photos Just Right
See how one teacher set up an iPad photo booth to help with photos in Seesaw.

6 New Ways To Play a Quizlet Live Game
Click here for some fun variations from 
+Matt Miller

8 Ways to Supercharge Google Docs with Drawings +Eric Curts

End the school year with Epic Review Olympics (free templates!) from 
+Matt Miller

Using Smartphones in the Classroom [20 ideas] from Bright Classroom Ideas, If the phone battle is making you weary, here’s how one teacher decided to implement it.

Seesaw PD in Your PJ’s Calendar of Sessions

What Generation of iPad Do You Have?
Click and then scroll down a little.

5 Fantastic Fluency Tools for Speaking World Languages from 
+Eric Curts

In Addition…
Why Exercise Isn't Working (and What to Do About It) - According to Science
Check out this article from 
+Greatist to learn about the benefits of mixing it up!

The Right Amount to Tip for Food in Every Situation
Just in case you were wondering...click here for the post from +Greatist

Have a Cordless Tool Battery Won’t Charge? You Can Fix That.
I have to admit, this may be a little out of my comfort area, but I know I may need it one day! Click here for the post from The Art of Doing Stuff.

Clever Laundry Tricks
You can unshrink clothes? Some nice tips for you or those who recently left the nest from Apartment Therapy. Image: https://pixabay.com/en/toast-white-bread-slices-of-toast-74375/

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