Tuesday, May 22, 2018

13 Activities to Try on The Last Class of the Semester or Year, End-Of-Year Google Classroom Steps, 3 Ways to Expand Your PLN This Summer, Podcasts for Teachers, 10 Superfoods, Simplify Your Tech Life, The New Instagram Emoji Slider, 20 Fun Facts About Dolphins #EdTech

I'm keeping it simple this week as we wind down the school year. 
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DDGTK will return in the middle of August 2018.

Something to think about…
Year Enders
​Here are 13 activities from Todd Finley to try on the last class of the semester or year. Graph My Semester, Revise the Syllabus, Pop up Toast and The Word are some of my favorites!


End-Of-Year Google Classroom Steps (a repost, just in case it’s helpful)
Taking these 6 steps at the end of this school year will help give you a clean start in the Fall. This post from +Eric Curts walks you through the steps ... with pictures!


3 Ways to Expand Your PLN This Summer
Expand beyond the walls of the classroom, from DailyGenius
How Podcasts Can Make You a Better Teacher
Just something to think about...a great way to use that drive time and maybe find ideas for your classroom! In this post, Matt Miller shares the benefits and some resources for finding one you like. One of my favorites is the Google Teacher Tribe with 
+ShakeUpLearning and
+Matt Miller

In Addition…
10 Superfoods That Make the Best Smoothie Ingredients
This is a nice list of what these are, what flavors they go well with and how best to use them, from 

6 Ways to Simplify Your Tech Life on Your Smartphone
Great tips from 
+Cool Mom Picks, I want to look more into the zero inbox trick!

The New Instagram Emoji Slider!
Another fun how-to from 
+Cool Mom Picks.

20 Fun Facts About Dolphins (because it’s almost summer)
Click here for more on everyone’s favorite coastal creature!

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