Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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Did you know?
Seesaw Creative Tools Now Available in Announcements & Messaging
Teachers and families now have the option to use any of the built-in creative tools (drawings, links, video, photos, pdf’s, upload file and more) to make messages more useful and informative. Good to know: messaging only works if you’ve invited families to your class, messages and announcements don’t show up in student portfolios and using the video tool for your newsletter might be a quicker option than typing. If you’re not seeing these new features on your mobile or tablet, make sure to update your Seesaw app. For a how-to, steps, a video and how-to private message, click on this post from Alison Murphy via Seesaw. (Seesaw works on phones, ipads, chromebooks and more.

YouTube Audio Library - Download Free and Copyright-Friendly Music
New music has been recently added. Give it a try! Thank you +Tony Vincent 

What is a Book Snap?
“A way to identify and share meaningful quotes from a text.” - Leigh A. Hall
This is an engaging way to extend discussions, personally connect with the text, highlight the main idea or imagery, etc. There a few tools that can be used for this project, Snapchat is the first one to come to mind, click here for a how-to. Other tools that can be used are Google Drawings, Google Slides, Photoshop, Pixlr, Seesaw, Adobe Spark Post or the Photo Editing Tools on your phone. For a few how-to printables click here for a post from Tara M. Martin. (Thank you +April Riley and +Shelly Shaw) You can search to see more examples here (#booksnaps

What if?
Reading Novels in Math Class Can Strengthen Student Engagement
For something new or a way to engage your “english-minded” students in Math, check out this post from Kara Newhouse via Mind/Shift. “Bezaire's class reads The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and explores mathematical questions, which often relate to puzzling out the novel’s two mysteries.” Image from Joel Bezaire. +MindShift

Tools for Using Google in the Classroom
This article from EdSurge gives insight on tools such as Chrome Music Lab, Auto Highlight, OpenDyslexic, Read Aloud, crxMouse Chrome Gestures and more! +Google for Education

Something to think about…
Flipgrid as a Portfolio
Here’s one way to use Flipgrid...as a portfolio students or teachers. “Just create a “topic” for each student as their name! Have students post reflections and videotape their work on their grid. Share the links for peer or parent feedback if desired!” - Joli Boucher‏ @joliboucher

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Classroom Design
There are some nice, inexpensive ideas in this post from Cult of Pedagogy. Image from Robert Dillon.

When Students Won’t Stop Talking
A great article to give strategies and information on this common problem from Cult of Pedagogy from an interview with Michael Linsin.

7 Options for Creating Timelines Online - An Updated Comparison Chart
+Richard Byrne creates some helpful comparison charts, check out his post here to download.

Literacy Activities with Google Docs from +Eric Curts
This nice resource has 4 activities with samples, steps, templates and links.

Three Good Places to Find Free Sound Effects and Music
...how to keep track of them and how to cite them, from +Richard Byrne

Tools for Creating Multimedia Books - Comparison Chart
Another useful comparison chart from +Richard Byrne with 5 tools to consider.

Seesaw Activity
Use your imagination - already created and ready to share with your students! +Seesaw 

In Addition…
The Best Foods to Help You Sleep Better (and Others to Avoid)
Click here for a quick list from +Greatist. You’ll have to scroll down in the article just a little.

Favorite Interview Questions
This list was compiled by Swissmiss

Homemade Shoe Deodorizer With Tea Bags
Click here for more on this from The Homemade Experiment

10 Ways To Use Steel Wool
Click here for some great ideas from Apartment Therapy

The Highest Earning Company In Each State, Mapped
Just in case you’re curious! From +Digg

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