Tuesday, April 17, 2018

New Google Classroom Feature, Change Your Share Links, Embed a Video in Google Drawings and Docs, How to Search a Google Sheet, How to Format Words in Comments, iOS Families Landing Page, How Graphs Work, Magnetic Poetry, TypeTastic, Periodic Table Resources, How To Use Google Drawings, Shipping News, Cleaning Tips, How Much Income for the Average Home, #EdTech

Did you know?
New Google Classroom Feature!
Email a particular student’s work summary to a parent/guardian, the student or both! Here’s how: Click on the “Students” Tab > click on the student’s name > click on the mail icon in the upper right > click on the grey drop-down arrow next to “Student” to see the options of who you can send it to > check the box to “Include student work summary”.

Change Your Share Links - Copy, Template, Preview or PDF
Check out Tony Vincent’s post on changing the sharing options by simply changing a word or two in your links. 
+Tony Vincent

How to Embed a Video in a Google Drawing or in Google Doc
Click here for a nice, quick hack from the Google Teacher Tribe to quickly embed a video (from your Google Drive or Youtube) into a Google Drawing or a Google Doc. Students will need to double click on it a time or two in the doc. The video in the Google Drawing should play with one click. For more, click here for the blog post from Sean Fahey! Thank you to the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast with 
+Kasey Bell and +Matt Miller

What if?
How to Search in a Google Sheet
Open the sheet and then the tab

Click on “Edit” in the upper left, click on “Find and Replace”

Then enter the fields you’re looking for in the pop-up window.

How to Format Words in Comments
You can format your text in comments in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings! Thank you to 
+Tony Vincent for these workarounds!
    To make things:
        Bold: *bold*
        Italics: _italics_
        Strikethrough: -strikethrough-


Something to think about…
The New iOS “Families” Landing Page
Apple has created this site to assist in understanding parental controls available on Mac, iOS devices, and Apple TV. Thank you Margaret Skeahan!

Helping Students See How Graphs Work
Click here for the article and some tools to use from Edutopia

Springtime Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings
Click here for a fun template from 
+Eric Curts

Teachers Share Why They Love TypeTastic!
TypeTastic is a free tool. This blog post links to teachers sharing how they integrate this tool into their learning day, such as making it part of morning work, include it as a center or offer it as an option on rainy days instead of a movie or games (from Tech Savvy Mama).

Help Students Learn the Periodic Table
Check out these 7 resources highlighted by 
+Richard Byrne

How to Use Google Drawings
This versatile tool is easy to use and great for several different classroom projects. This short video is a quick introduction to using Google Drawings that you can use or share with your students. Side note: These tools are also available in Google Slides, which would be a great option for the same types of projects, especially if you want to have multiple pages as Google Drawings doesn’t have a multiple page option yet.

In Addition…
Fast Shipping has an Effect on the Environment
Choosing next day or two-day shipping prevents the efficient use of space on the delivery truck, making for more trips, using more fuel. I will choose differently from now on … now that I know! For more information, check out this segment from WFAA’s Verify Team. In my last Amazon order, I chose the longest shipping option (I wasn’t in any hurry). After I did that, Amazon gave me a $1 credit in my Prime account to go towards movies, books, music, downloads, etc….as a thank you.

6 Cleaning Tips You Need To Know
There are some good ones in here from The Art of Doing Stuff

How Much Income You Need to Afford the Average Home in Every State in 2018
An infographic showing just how high the cost of living is, thank you +Digg

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