Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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 Did you know?
There is an Email Dictation Extension
It's called Email Dictation - fittingly so...this could be useful as a time saver for you or a helpful accessibility tool for your students. After adding the extension, you should see the microphone icon in the bottom section of the compose window. If it isn't showing up, you may need to restart Chrome. Then make sure to click "allow" when the microphone pop up window opens.


How to Use the Screencastify Extension
This is a Step by Step Google Doc, feel free to share with students and colleagues.

Updates to Google Sheets
Click here for Google’s post, “Think macro: record actions in Google Sheets to skip repetitive work” to highlight this new feature and more. +Google for Education

Using Google Forms for Signups?
If you’re using Google Forms for camps, field trips, workshops, etc. these two tools might be helpful in managing them. Form Limiter closes the form when a set number of people sign up or by a certain date/time. Form Notifications will send you an email or your responders an email. You can customize both. This can come in handy if you want to automatically send information to those who filled in your form with more details regarding your event, how to pay, etc. Both are add-ons for Google Forms and easy to use! Check out this super short how-to video from Marissa Powell. In your Google Form, click the 3 dots to add Add-ons, click the puzzle piece to use Add-ons.

What if?
Creating Accountability in Group Projects with Google Forms
Check out this great resource from Meagan Kelly, complete with the option to make a copy of the form she uses with her students along with some tips. She includes space for the individual to rate themselves and to rate the group.

Spiraling and Google Slides
Use this template from +Alice Keeler for “spiraling questions that "automagically" push five questions to Google Slides for your daily warm-up.” Get her template and see her instructions by clicking here.

Create Animated GIFs with Google Photos
Click here, if this would be of interest to you or your students. It’s a step-by-step how-to guide from +Jeremy Badiner

Something to think about…
Free Tech Curriculum for all Subjects with Google's Applied Digital Skills
If not this year, maybe tuck this away in your toolkit for next year. Google has developed free MS, HS and College/Adult curriculum you can use in your classes. As a teacher, you can create classes for students to join OR students can do the curriculum on their own. It has 18 units currently, i.e. If-Then Adventure Stories, Research & Develop a Topic, Manage a Project with Digital Tools, Pick the Next Box Office Hit and more! Click here for a super helpful post from +Eric Curts that goes into detail, complete with how-to’s.


In Addition…
Fast 10 Ways To Say 'I Love You Mom'
Check out these great ideas from GoodBeing for a new way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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