Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Did you know?
3 Ways Google Drive and MS Office Can Live Together in Harmony
Check out this post from +Eric Curts to find out the options, benefits, and limitations.

Changes Coming to the “Shared With Me” Folder
Soon, Google will organize your “Shared With Me” folder by the names of those who have shared files with you. The actual files will appear under their names. +Google for Education


What if?
HEIC Photo File...What is That?
Photos taken on an iPhone in the “High Efficiency” setting will save them as HEIC files. These type of files are not compatible with most image tool options.

To convert them to jpeg’s, try this site heictojpg.com.

To stop photos from being saved this way, open “Settings”, scroll down to “Camera”, tap it, then tap on “Formats”, then choose “Most Compatible”. For more on this filetype, click here.

“Ask 3 Before Me” (repost)
Sometimes it gets hard to answer the same questions over and over. One technique I used in my class was to implement “Ask 3 Before Me”. They could ask fellow students, Google and Youtube. If it has to do with due dates, class procedures, etc...those are great for asking peers. The EdTechTeam even has a poster you can download, click here!

Something to think about…
Calm.com is Free for Schools
The Calm Schools Initiative gives free mindfulness tools to teachers. “Under this initiative, any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Calm’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS and the web). Teachers will have unlimited access to our growing library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, including Calm Kids, our programs tailored for age groups from pre-K through high school. Over the coming year, we will be steadily adding to our Calm Kids library, equipping teachers with an ever-expanding supply of content crafted for the unique needs of their students.” - Calm.com

ViewPure Now Offers Curated Playlists
Viewpure is a site that creates a new link to Youtube videos that strips all ads and comments...creating a better way to use Youtube videos with students. They now have curated playlists...genius! They are created for teachers and organized by grade level and topic. It isn’t for you to curate your own playlists, but could save you time when looking for videos for lessons or for offering students choices in how they learn about a topic. Click here to get started!

How to Add Voice Comments to PDFs and Word Documents
This post from +Richard Byrne tells how to use Kaizena to do this. A short video is included as well as ideas for applications for education. To find it in the Chrome Web Store, click here.

5 Ways to Link to Parts of Google Docs
Click here to see more on:

  • Using “Headings” To Create Linkable Pieces Of Text
  • Copying The Url For Headings, Titles & Subtitles
  • Use Bookmarks
  • Insert Table Of Contents
Thank you, Jake Miller Tech!

Flipgrid QR Code Ideas
Check out this stream on Twitter!

In Addition…
Basic IPhoneography Tips And Tricks
Click here for some great iPhone camera tips from Photojojo, i.e. lock exposure and focus, using the volume button and more!


Walk-Away Warning Signs: 5 House Hunt Deal Breakers
Some good info in here from Apartment Therapy


25 Tips To Stay Safe As A Traveler
This article is geared toward women traveling alone, but it's good info for any traveler of any gende
r. image: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/686063


4 Tricks To Keep Tulips In A Vase From Drooping
With Spring right around the corner, click here for this tip from +Cool Mom Picks


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