Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Did you know?
How to ReUse a Form (Making a New Spreadsheet)

How To Get Started Using Padlet
For a quick start, click here! Padlet works on Chromebooks, laptops and iOS devices. It’s great as a presentation alternative or a place to gather resources and responses or as a way to create distraction-free video playlists. See this post by +Richard Byrne for more on how to do that.


What if?
Use ChatterPix to Make Your Gingerbread Boys and Girls Talk
This class (@LCEMrsDamico) shared their projects with parents using Seesaw.


Have Students Create Fake Text Messages
This web tool could be useful in showing understanding, in writing a story/script, working out dialogue, explaining a math problem, etc. iFake Text Message is easy to use, has a tutorial at the bottom of the page if needed, creates an image they can download in png form and generates a transcript they can copy and paste elsewhere. No login or account needed. Students need to remember to “create image” and “download” before leaving the page. Thank you, +Tony Vincent

Something to think about…
Empatico: a New Tool To Connect Classrooms Around The World
Wanting to connect with other classrooms, but don’t know where to start? Check out Empatico, developed by The KIND Foundation. This free service connects classrooms and is currently geared towards students who are 8-10 years old. Activities are offered on play, weather, geography, and students’ contributions to their communities. They take researching a possible partner classroom and the logistics of creating and scheduling that connection off of your plate, saving you time. To get matched with a class, choose your activities and your available time slots, click here. To see an intro video, click here. Thank you @LoriGacey and @TCEA


Multimedia Timeline of the European Theater of WWII from National Geographic
Multimedia Timeline of the Pacific Theater of WWII from National Geographic
Thank you, +Richard Byrne

Making the Most of a 90-Minute Block
Click here for the article or podcast, including 5 different structures: Classic, Workshop, Lab, Performance and Variety Pack. Thank you, Cult of Pedagogy.


In Addition…
New Year, New Passwords - Yes, You Can!
Here’s how! Great for students to know as well! Thank you +Cool Mom Tech

Why You Should Keep a Cutting Board in Your Small Bathroom
Done! A great idea when there’s not much counter space! Thank you Apartment Therapy.

Physical Measures To Amp Up Your Digital Security
Protection can be physical as well...covering your webcam, privacy shield for your phone and a physical authentication key. For more check out this article from @wired.

There’s an App for that Elf!
"This app offers fun daily photos to inspire every elf during the Christmas season. Pictures either come with materials and instructions or fun ideas for spending time with your family. From quick and easy ideas to creative and complex ones, this app has them all! It also includes special daily reminder alerts from the North Pole."


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