Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Did you know?
InsertLearning is a Chrome Extension that Lets You Turn Websites into Interactive Lessons
Insert instructional content on any web page. Click here to check it out, they have a way for you to try it out on their page without having to install anything or sign up for anything. The free version will allow you to have 5 lessons, unlimited students and use all features. It plays well with Google Classroom. Thank you +Leslie Fisher


Google Calendar Has a New Look
Have you switched over yet? To try the new calendar:
Open Google Calendar
  • On the top right of your screen click Use new Calendar 
  • To go back to the old Calendar at any time, click Settings Settings and then Back to classic Calendar. 
  • Note: If you cannot see "Use new Calendar", the new Calendar isn’t available for your account yet.
To see and learn more, click here. +Google for Education

What if?
Flexible Seating: How To Get Started and How To Make This Shift on The Cheap 
This article from +MindShift also talks about who to consider and challenges to think about...along with a few twitter links to pictures of other teachers classrooms! You can also search the hashtag #FlexibleSeating for more images on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Number Your Assignments in Google Classroom

Use a hashtag and 3 numbers, i.e. #001 - idea from +Alice Keeler

Something to think about…
Ideas for Flipgrid or Seesaw in Elementary
A group of ideas other teachers are using in their classes. Most would work with either tool.
59 more ideas for Flipgrid use in the classroom.


EquatIO is Now Free for Teachers (Math & Science tool for Chrome)
"EquatIO is a popular tool that math and science teachers like to use for using handwriting, equation and formula prediction, and graphing in Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. The service is provided by TextHelp who also makes the popular Read & Write add-on for Google Docs." - +Richard Byrne
Click here for a little more info and an intro video.

Easily Add a Site-wide Footer in The New Google Sites, click here


How To Create A Table Of Contents In Google Slides, click here for a video

In Addition…
Holiday & Gift DIY
DIY Mason Jar Christmas Tree, click here
DIY Make Your Own Real Snow Globe, click here
DIY Christmas Tree Candles, click here

From Apartment Therapy
3 Easy but Genius DIYs for Coffee Lovers
Click here to learn how to make this Marbleized Mug, Stitched Leather Cup Sleeve and/or Monogrammed Mug.

From +Cool Mom Picks
20+ Cool Diy Gifts You Can Make For An Easy Homemade Holiday
There’s something in here for all ages...from Santa Slime to Marbled Star Ornaments...for the unicorn lovers in your life, check out the Sparkle Unicorn Ornaments!

From Swissmiss
DIY Paper Snowflake Garland, Click here!


9 Things To Know Before Your Kid Moves Off-Campus
A good list, from Grown & Flown, for you and your college student or recent college graduate, along with links to check crime in the area and the area’s livability score.


The Shazam of Typefaces
If you’ve ever tried to find out what certain typefaces are, this is for you! WhatTheFont will tell you in a flash! For a quick article from Nadja Sayej via Print, click here. For the app, click here.


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