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Did you know?
7 Hour of Code Resources (Week of December 4-10)
1. Wonder Workshop Hour of Code Resources
2. Teach the Hour of Code from Code.org
3. Disney Hour of Code
4. Scratch Curriculum Guide
5. Scratch Jr - Sam Patterson’s favorite tool for elementary kids.
6. Scratch
7. CodeSpark
Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

New Tab Collection Tool
I’ve been using Toby for a few weeks now and really like it. It’s made quick work of trying to go back and find certain tabs or those I need to go to every day. Toby is a Chrome extension that lives on every new tab page and allows you to organize open browser tabs into collections - sort of like separate workflows for the different tasks or projects you’re working on. Every time you open a new tab your collections show up, so you never have to hunt, saving you time! You can also share collections that update automatically with others via a link.”  Thank you @ESCRegion10


Students Aren’t Seeing Your Comments in Google Docs?
Here are a few things to try:
  • Make sure you “Return” the work, if using Google Classroom
  • Have the students sign out and back into their Chromebooks
  • Have the students restart their Chromebooks
  • Have the student clear their “cache”
In the browser bar, enter:   chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
Select all of the following:
Browsing history
Download history
Cookies and other site and plug-in data
Cached images and files
From the "Obliterate the following items from": drop-down menu, you can choose the period of time for which you want to clear cached information. To clear your entire cache, select “the beginning of time”.
Click Clear browsing data
Logout and restart their Chromebooks


Back for the Holidays!
Santa Tracker is back this year and they have more coding activities, along with videos and other games. They aren’t hard, but fun. Don’t underestimate those secondary students enjoying this for a little while. A fun option for those finished early! (This site works on iPads, too!) A new game/item is added each day leading up to Christmas Day.

What if?
The 5 Clue Challenge - Mystery Location Videos
Use this video collection with your students to help learn about new locations.  “To play, simply play a video. After each clue, pause the video to do some research and take a guess at the answer. See how quickly you can figure it out.” You or your students can also create their own videos and submit them!


Ready for More Mystery? Try Google’s New Mystery Animal!
This could be useful for students who finish early, those half day/shortened class periods and more as a way to keep your students thinking on their feet! This is a new spin on the classic 20-questions game. You ask the computer questions using your voice to try to find out what kind of animal it is. Ask any yes-or-no question you want, like "Do you fly?" or "Are you a mammal?"  Notes: You’ll have to enable the microphone on the device you’re using. You could break students up into teams to come up with questions and send a team member up to ask the question. You will need to click the microphone icon each time you want to ask a question. +Google for Education +Leslie Fisher 

Something to think about…
6 Tips to Survive Between Thanksgiving and Winter Break
This one is for teachers! Thank you, Brenham Tech Daily!


7 strategies to THRIVE at the end of the semester
This one is for your lesson plans:
  • Diversify end-of-semester projects
  • Include self-assessment and peer assessment
  • Share student work with a bigger audience
For the other 4 & details on each step from +Matt Miller, click here.


Goodbye, "Teacher Tired" - 5 days to doing fewer things, better
A short series of challenges to see what doing fewer things better looks like for teachers, created by +Angela Watson, check it out and sign up today! This is a free, self-paced series for ALL teachers. It is aligned with the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club.

Zoom In or Magnify Your Chromebook Screen
Make everything on your screen bigger OR Make a specific page bigger or smaller OR Magnify and pan around the screen, click here. Image: http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Magnify-Lens-Hand-Glass-Magnifying-Glass-Enlarge-29398

Remind Introduces a New Way to Share Resources
Check out this short post from +Richard Byrne to see more!

Emoji Prompts

How To Assign Challenges Instead Of Math Homework
The goal is to start a conversation at the dinner table or in the car...making meaningful conversations. See how one teacher is doing it, click here for an article and ideas from John Stevens via Ditch That Textbook and +Matt Miller 

In Addition…
How To: Remove Candle Wax from Just About Anything
Click here for instructions from Apartment Therapy


What Is Net Neutrality?


Why You Should Put a Cotton Ball in Your Trash Can
I’m trying this from Apartment Therapy!


More Fun Advent Calendars!
I love the wooden blocks and we had Playmobil calendars in our house for years. There’s even one for fly-fishing! Check them out!


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