Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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Did you know?
Add Web Site Bookmarks to Your iPhone's Homescreen
  1. Open Safari and go to your desired web page
  2. Click the icon of a box with an arrow escaping from the top
  3. Choose “Add to Home Screen” (you may have to scroll to the right to see it)
  4. Then give it a name!
Thank you, Adam Dachis via Lifehacker

Quickly Scan QR Codes with your iPhone
With Camera in Photo or Square mode > point the camera at a QR code > when the notification drops down from the top of the screen, press it
iOS “Featured Tips” #5 of 8

What if?
20 Useful Ways To Use TodaysMeet In Schools
Great ideas, from +Matt Miller, for this quick tool that you can implement right away!  TodaysMeet, designed as a backchannel, creates a personal chat room you can set up for your classes to ask questions, have students give examples, create “rotating stories”, hold online office hours, practice digital citizenship, host committee meetings and so much more! This is a great tool to get those quiet or more reserved students to engage. To participate in one and see what it’s like, click here! It will be open for 2 weeks. This works on any device that has internet access. Most recent posts will be at the top. “Don’t raise your hand, I’m calling on everybody.” - Sam Patterson

Something to think about…
Help Your Students Understand the Cost of College
Payback is an interactive game that lets them make choices and see what the costs could be. Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

Attitude of Gratitude
Check out these 21 days of Gratitude sentence stems on a Flipgrid created by Sam Neal. I saw the post on the Diary of a Digital Learning Coach’s blog. This one is out there to participate in or create your own! Flipgrid is a great digital tool, but this could also be done on traditional sticky notes, a Padlet wall, or a Today’sMeet page, just to name a few!
To add to their FlipGrid, simply go to either:

Using Google AutoDraw for Sketchnotes, Infographics, Drawings, and More
This article from +Eric Curts includes a how-to and ideas for uses!

Math: Solving Inequalities Scavenger Hunt: A Low-Tech Activity
Check out this lesson (complete with template and sample) from Meagan Kelley to get your students to problem solve, work together and move around the classroom while playing a game.
Objective: Students will use their knowledge of solving and graphing one-step inequalities to complete a scavenger hunt.

Simple, Brilliant Visualizations Of How Sorting Algorithms Work
These are quite nice to look at, even better that they serve a purpose! Click here for the post from +Digg

In Addition…
I've Spent 10 Years Motivating People to Work Out: These Are My Best Tips

This Painted 3D Effect Zebra Crossing Is Slowing Down Traffic
Found in Iceland. Thank you Swissmiss For a little more, click here.


Fabulous Fall Leaf Crafts For Kids


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