Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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Did you know?
You Can Make Notations on an Image in the iPhone Photos App
In the photos app, choose your image > click Edit in the upper right > click the 3 dots at the bottom > click the pen icon. Thank you +Tony Vincent 

Create Long-Lasting QR Codes for Up to 25 Different Data Types
QRStuff.com gives you the ability to have QR codes for images, pdf’s, Google Maps locations, telephone numbers, email addresses, wifi login and so much more!

How to Create A Header Row in Google Sheets
Here’s a quick video from Tyler Osborne

What if?
A New Coding Game Allowing For Group Play from Code Spark Academy
Snoopy Snow Brawl
Pre-reader - Grade 5 - Block coding - For beginning to intermediate coders
Team up with friends and practice your coding skills by programming Snoopy's Beagle Scouts in a fun and silly snowball fight! Beginners and pre-readers welcome - teams write their code in secret while trying to outsmart each other. With words-free code, everyone can get in on the fun! This activity supports 1- 4 players on the same device - play against friends or the computer.
iPads will need the codeSpark Academy app.
Teachers will need to create a classroom, then set up the devices when using the CodeSpark Academy apps. When I went in as a student, I had to go out and come back in again for the Snoopy Snow Brawl to show up as an option.
Chromebook users can choose the “Play on your Web Browser” version.
On the web version, there is no need to pay. Simply choose “Hour of Code” from the menu at the top of the screen.

Something to think about…
Managing Tabs to Improve Your Workflow
A quick how-to on pinning tabs and using your Control key from +Alice Keeler 

3 Fun Strategies for Note Taking
“Note taking can be active, collaborative, and tailored to each student’s pace—and you can skip the lecture.” Check out the process and strategies of these 3 ways that get the class actively involved, from Andrea Marshbank via +EDUTOPia, thank you +Tony Vincent  image: https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8234/8576618657_219e8c91d0_b.jpg
  1. Walking Notes - “...try printing out your presentation and posting it all around your classroom or an available hallway.”
  2. Students Teaching Students - ”Provide students with a list of questions that would previously have been answered by a lecture you would have given. Have them pick a question they’re interested in and, either individually or in pairs, research it.”
  3. Fact Checking - “give your students a copy of notes similar to ones they would take during a lecture. Then inform them that several facts within the notes are incorrect.”

800+ Fantastic Fonts for Google Projects
Don’t let that number scare you off! It’s easy to filter by category. If you want to jump right in, click here. If you want to see a quick article from +Eric Curts that explains the sorting, filters and how to add them, click here. This would be good to share with students as well!

How to Create QR Codes Right from Your iPhone in iOS 11

How to Make Screencast GIFs

Social Studies Tech Integration Resource Links

An Interactive Map of Pearl Harbor Survivor Stories
For the interactive map and other resources for teaching and learning about Pearl Harbor from +Richard Byrne, click here.

Making Google Forms Quizzes with Math (Free, Easy, and Quick)
Click here for the how-to via video and/or written steps from +Eric Curts 

In Addition…
Beware of this fake Netflix phishing email scam! It looks incredibly real.
The goal, as with most phishing emails: To get you to provide your personal info, password, and ideally your credit card numbers to “reinstate” your account.” Read more here from +Cool Mom Picks


11 of the Coolest Advent Calendars


Make a foster kid’s holiday dreams come true with Daymaker
When you click “find a child,” you’ll see a list of kids, along with their age, city, and wish list. Just click to add their wished-for items, which range from shoes to educational magazines to toys and games, to your cart. The toy is delivered to the sponsoring charity (which is identified on the child’s profile, too). That group will get it to the child. Thank you @CoolMomTech


This Genius App Helps Teens Think Before They Text
Developed by a 17-year old, this app works through a keyboard on a smartphone. The free app, Rethink, recognizes text and if there are certain key words entered they’ll receive a pop-up alert from ReThink asking them if they’re sure they want to click post. For more, read this article from +Carley Knobloch


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