Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Did you know?
Set a Minimum or Maximum Character Count for a Response in Google Forms
Thank you, +Tony Vincent

Make Questions “Required” in Google Forms In Default Settings
Thank you, +Eric Curts

There’s A New Extension to Quickly Share Google Files to “Anyone With The Link”
Click here to get it in the Chrome Web Store. Created by +Alice Keeler

What if?
Easy Citations in Google Docs
For short explanations and quick gif to demonstrate using the EasyBib add-on and the Explore tool in Google Docs from Jake Miller, click here.

Text on Both Sides of Images in Google Docs
Try using a table to have more control of how your text looks around an image. Click here for a gif showing how it’s done from Jake Miller.

Working on Sub Plans? Try a MultiMedia Text Set!
This will allow students to:
  • Have all of the instructions they need...in your words
  • Work at their own pace
  • See the order of the tasks
I discovered this in the Google Advanced Training Course, to see their example, click here.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be for sub plans. It can be for any unit/lesson! Keep it as simple or as in-depth as you would like. +Google for Education Here are a few other ideas for use:
  • Assign in Google Classroom
  • Add longer, deeper assignments
  • Give options for presenting what they know
  • Incorporate a video using EdPuzzle
  • Incorporate an interactive image using Thinglink
  • Have them contribute to a Padlet Wall, instead of a Google Doc so they can’t edit each other’s posts and you can choose to moderate them before they are seen by all.
  • Use a google form for them to turn in links to their work
If you’re in my district and want help creating one, just let me know and we can collaborate!

Something to think about…
Ideas for Using Adobe Spark in the Classroom
Adobe Spark works on iPhone, iPad, Laptops, and Chromebooks.
Thank you @ClaudioZavalaJr

Instead of Homework, One School is Offering a Menu of At Home Learning
The menu is designed to being a family together. Thank you, Jesse Yarbrough.

Is Creative Work Really Worth The Time In The Classroom?
Creative work can be messy. It can be time-consuming. Teachers may wonder, "Is it really worth the effort? Is creative work worth doing?" click here for more from +Matt Miller

Get Your Own ‘E.S.C.A.P.E. Junk News’ Poster
This poster from NewseumED.org has a path to follow to evaluate information, helpful for students and for all of us! It touches on the evidence, source, context, audience, purpose and execution. When you sign up you also get a free NewseumED account and access to their free online collection of “1,000-plus historical front pages, artifacts, lesson plans, videos and more on media literacy and the First Amendment”. Thank you @ShawnaFord1

7 Key Academic Conversation Skills
Thank you, Jane Russell Valezy Click here for image.

Interactive Checklists in Google Docs

Five Free Audio Tools

10 MORE Digital Bell-ringer Activities To Kickstart Class (Part 2)

In Addition…
Artist Cleverly Inserts Himself Into His Childhood Photos
These are fun to look at. Photographer and digital artist Conor Nickerson did an incredible job of matching fashion and more importantly the lighting! This could be a fun challenge for photography students. Thank you +Digg


10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Make At Home
Click here for ideas on arrangements, place settings, a mobile, the kid’s table & more from Paisley Hansen via +Lifehack


8 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Washer and Dryer
Click here for this helpful article with even more helpful links from Apartment Therapy! This could be good for your college students as well!


A website “that shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location”. Thank you Swissmiss


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