Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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Did you know?
Give a Kahoot! Challenge That Students Can Do Outside of the Classroom.
The new challenge mode lets students use the Kahoot! app on their mobile devices and take challenges, quizzes or assessments outside of class time. You choose the day and time it will be due. The mobile app shows the question and answer choices, unlike the classroom version. For a quick run-through, check out this video from +Richard Byrne

Need Help Managing Your Chrome Extensions and Apps?  (Repost)
Getting your "most used" extensions to be visible?  Turning them on and off in a snap?  Accessing apps in a flash? My favorite extension, just for that, is Extensity. For a video, check out this one from +Cool Cat Teacher +Google for Education 

Quickly Check Word Count in Google Docs
Ctrl + Shift + C
Command + Shift + C (On a Mac)
Thank you, Ryan Lynch @builtbyteachers

How To Rotate and Wrap Text in Google Sheets
Click here for a super quick video!

How to Pin to Windows Task Bar
Click here for two different ways from HowToGeek.com

What if? ...writing edition
Writing Sparks - Writing Prompt Website from the Night Zookeeper
Looking for delivering writing prompts in a new way? Check out Writing Sparks! There’s a teacher side that can be displayed to the whole class, and a student side where they can take notes and write within the website. Or...they can do their writing and notes on paper or in any other tool. Choose from ages 7 & Under or 8 & Older. Logging in is not mandatory, if students use the online tools to type in, they’ll need to save as a pdf before leaving the site if not signed in. Choose from four formats: Story, News Article, Opinion, and Poem. To see this in action, check out this video from +Richard Byrne

Writer Igniter
Looking for a way to spice up and randomize writing prompts? Try Writer Igniter from DIY MFA and click “Shuffle” to watch the wheels spin determining your prompt. This tool is probably for high school students. This site does have a writer’s community/social element that is available, but not necessary to use the Writer Igniter feature.

Something to think about…
Use Flipgrid to Make Quick Videos Accessible by a QR Code
Give your students easy access to instructions, feedback, information, etc. using short videos. Attach these video QR codes to workstations, task cards, bulletin boards and more! This post from +Tony Vincent tells how to use Flipgrid to do just that easily and quickly. (This post is on Instagram, if blocked in your district, click here.)

Introduce Programming to Elementary Students
Scratch Jr. is a great, free drag and drop tool to introduce coding. It’s available on iPad/Android tablets and on Chromebooks. It is a great precursor to Scratch. The tool has progressive learning activities and “also provides a curriculum for using programming to reinforce literacy and math standards.”  For more information see this short article from +Richard Byrne that includes a how-to video that can be watched by students to get them started.

Build a Jack-O-Lantern with Google Slides
This project from +Eric Curts is complete and ready for you to copy and give to your students! They can be creative, have some fun and sharpen their writing skills. This post tells you how to use it and what’s in it.

How to Infuse Google Classroom with the Power of YouTube
Click here for Ideas, Tips & Resources from Kasey Bell via @shakeuplearning +ShakeUpLearning

Make Google Form Responses Easy To Read With “Save as Doc” Add-on
Click here for step-by-step directions on how to add and use this Sheets add-on from +Eric Curts

Math Tools for Chrome

What Math Looks Like
“Whether they’re in kindergarten or calculus, students can use simulations to see the math.” By Harry O’Malley via Edutopia Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher  Click Here.

Help Autistic Kids Travel (or go to places in their own town) By Making Guidebooks
Listen or read to find out how this special needs teacher created books to show his students what their trip would be like before ever leaving the classroom, giving them the comfort of knowing what is coming and making them more able to enjoy their outings. Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher To see one of his books, click here.

In Addition…
20 Art DIY Ideas Like an IKEA Stylist
Click here for inspiration from Poppytalk


DIY Jade Pumpkins
Click here for the instructions from HomeyOhMy. Thank you, PoppyTalk!


Stop Leaving Your Smartphone's Bluetooth On


“A single change can happen overnight, but nothing is going to suddenly transform culture. Culture is cumulative—it’s composed of all previous decisions made by a group of people. Bit by bit, a company can make different trade-offs, and over time, this is how culture turns around.”
Greg McKeown in this article. Thank you, Swissmiss


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