Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Did you know? … Google Slides Edition
How to Create a Timeline in Google Slides
A quick way to create a timeline with 5 preset layouts (customizable) to choose from. This isn’t a replacement for a full-blown timeline, but if you have between 4-6 events this may be a good tool to use. Insert > Diagram > Timeline
Good to Know: you can change your page layout to any size and it’s possible to have your timeline continue on the next page to be able to add more events. Here’s a how-to video from +Richard Byrne Layouts also available to visualize processes and hierarchies.

Gridview in Google Slides
View your Google Slides in a grid layout. There are two ways to get there:
  1. In the lower left of your screen, click the gridview icon
  2. Click “view” from the menu across the top, then click “grid view”

Unsplash.com now available in Google Slides
Unsplash has been one of my favorite high-res photo websites for a while now and I’m so excited that they’re now accessible through an add-on in Google Slides! Image credit isn’t necessary (via the website’s policy), but is appreciated. I guess the bigger story may be that Google Slides now has add-ons, but this one is a highlight to me. There are only a handful of add-ons available now, but I’m sure that list will grow quickly! To get add-on’s in Sheets:
click Add-ons in the top menu > Click Get Add-ons … then choose the one you want and follow the prompts. For more on the different add-on options, check out this article from the +EdTechTeam

Google Keep Available in Google Slides
To access: click on “Tools” across the top > click on “Keep notepad”
This will open up Keep on the right side.

For More on the Google Slides Updates, click here.

What if?
Multiple Correct Answers in Google Form Quizzes
Google Forms can now accept more than one correct answer for short answer types of questions, i.e.
Q: Name an astronaut from Florida?
A: Davis, Lawrence, Richards, Thagard, Boe, Lenoir, Nelson, Scott, Durrance

Using Google Keep When Doing Research
Here’s a video from +Cool Cat Teacher that highlights how to use Google Keep when doing research along with some nice tips. This could be helpful to show students directly to offer as an option for gathering information and keeping themselves organized. +Google for Education 

Something to think about…
Hide Your Links Until You’re Ready For Students to See Them

Powerpoint To Manage Your Rotations
Click to start and let the slides take your class through their rotations, giving you more time to be hands-on with your students! Take this example as a starting point. Once the link opens, be sure to download and run it through Powerpoint, not Google Slides. Thank you Kelly Owens for sharing this tool from Audrey Nalholz with me! You can adjust the times to fit your needs. I found that animations can’t stretch out longer than 10 minutes. If your station needs more time, just add additional rotation slides. Note: your slide duration and timer animation need to be the same for this to work correctly. For a video showing how to make those changes. click here.

“Probably the best place to find tutorials to help you get started using GeoGebra on your laptop, tablet, or Chromebook.” - +Richard Byrne

From Topic to Thesis, Teaching Students to Write Argument
A helpful article from Shaelynn Farnsworth! Thank you +Matt Miller and the GTT!

Fall into Elementary Autumn Resources
A nice set from @TCEA

For more from Sean Fahey, click here. Thank you +ShakeUpLearning

Use Real Pumpkins in Your Lesson
Click here for 14+ lesson ideas, listed by content area, from +Alice Keeler.

In Addition…
5 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas. It’s Getting Close!
If you’re looking for something new or validation that yours are on trend, see this article from Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff


Cardio Core #5 - Core 360
This class hits every inch of your core.” 26 minutes of moving to work on your core, your heart, your balance and much more! From @Grokker


The App That Lets Your Kids Earn Their Screen Time
unGlue is an app that lets kids exchange chores for screen time, helping parents manage the struggle and helping kids see how valuable their own time is. Click here for a short article from Larry Hester via Ozy.com.


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