Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Did you know?
Seesaw Task Cards - Another Way They’re Making It Even Easier To Use
Our grade specific Seesaw Task Cards help students independently document their learning with Seesaw. Task Cards with easy-to-follow instructions are a great way to introduce Seesaw to your class….” Approx. 3 tasks provided for each: Pre-K through High School, Generic and Special School Days. Click Here

Take a Photo While Shooting Video on Your iPhone or Android
While shooting video, simply press the white button to take a photo at the same time. Thank you, +Tony Vincent

How To Create a Contact Group in Gmail
A nice step-by-step from +Jeremy Badiner, click here for video, click here for steps in a Doc

What if?
Alternate Colors in Google Sheets
To make viewing the data easier on the eyes, choose a color scheme and let it alternate the colors of the lines for you. In a google sheet, simply click “Format”, then “Alternating colors”, a window will pop up on the right, choose your formatting style and colors, then click “Done”. Thank you +Alice Keeler

Step Inside of Music
Google’s new interactive experiment letting you explore the layers of music. Works on a VR device, phone or laptop. Web-based with nothing to download. There are limited songs right now, but I imagine that will change quickly! Click here for the info, click here to go straight to the site. +Google for Education 

Something to think about…
Before Tackling Shakespeare, Students Analyze Puzzling Photos via The New York Times
How one teacher is using photojournalism to teach students to apply the same skill set of close reading, analysis and writing evidence-based paragraphs to a Shakespeare text. Click here

Book Creator is Now Live for All Chromebook Users!
An incredible iOS app is now available for Chrome users! This tool is for creating multimedia, digital books with videos, images, drawings, voice over and text. There are comic strip layouts as well as traditional. This tool is fun, easy and intuitive. Students and teachers can sign in with their Google account. Students join your “library” using a code, this enables you to see their books. The books can be saved as an ePub or published online in a private Book Creator link. Thank you +Richard Byrne Click here to get started.
Note: The free plan lets you have 1 active library which stores up to 40 student books. “Libraries can be archived at the end of a project or school year allowing more to be created within your quota. Books in archived libraries can be restored or downloaded by the teacher.” You could also have them collaborate on one book in groups.

'What Is Math For? Why Do I Have to Learn This?' Teachers Share Their Answers

A Flipgrid Rubric
Something to get you started from @JoyceBronwyn

6 Opportunities to Increase Classroom Efficiency
A few ideas from +Matt Miller and Ditch That Textbook

Kahoot Launches a New Collection of Math Games
Click here for a little more from +Richard Byrne

In Addition…
Rebuild Your Local Economy
If you close “Amazon, get off the couch, and shop at independent shops this holiday season, you could be helping rebuild your local economy”. Click here for more. Thank you at Swissmiss


How To Make Your Home Look 10 Times Better in 10 Minutes Or Less  
Click here for that list from Apartment Therapy.

5 Ruthless Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering
Click here to help your decision process, #3 really did it for me! Also from Apartment Therapy.

You & Your Phone - 10 Simple Steps To Break Bad Habits and Take Back Control
I’m using a couple of these strategies, but want to implement a few more...it’s a great list! Thank you Swissmiss image: https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5213/5516621911_161cd7dc2f_b.jpg


If You've Had A New Roof Put On Recently Due To Storm or Hail Damage - What You Need To Check
If your hot water heater(s) are in the attic and you have recently had a new roof put on, you need to check and make sure the vents on your hot water heater(s) are still attached. Having a new roof installed can jar those around and they can easily become disconnected. This happened to ours and several neighbors around us. If your hot water heaters are gas powered, the dislodged vents can allow carbon monoxide to vent into your attic. Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Hot_water_heater_with_pipe.jpg



  1. Great post filled with useful information, Julie! I'm excited that Book Creator is now available for Chromebooks!
    And I have definitely been more cognizant of my cell phone use lately! I'm more than half way finished listening to this book, Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life https://goo.gl/8X8UZ2, on Audible.

  2. Thank you, April! I'll have to check out Calm, Cool and Connected!