Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Did you know?
22 killer Keyboard Shortcuts (and a challenge!) For Busy Educators
A helpful article from +Matt Miller with an easy way to take in a few of these at a time...along with a printable cheat sheet you can attach to your screen, laptop, etc. I’ve already printed mine!

A quick look at Adobe Spark Video for the iPad. This video is a nice intro to this great, free tool for presentations, storytelling, etc. Their easy voice-over feature is one of my favorite things about this app. Adobe Spark Video is also available on Chromebooks in a web-based version.

Google Doc Tips
These are in sketchnote form from Wanda Terral. 16 pages with different tips for using and working within Docs along with pictures to help it all make sense. Anything from Getting More Fonts to Voice Typing to Storage with Google Keep to Offline Editing and more! Thank you +ShakeUpLearning, +Matt Miller and The Google Teacher Tribe

What if?
Check Out This Teacher’s “What if” Prompts on Flipgrid
This is a great use for this easy to implement tool! Click here to see her prompts and responses.

Think Critically: The Hurricane Hoaxes
“...always a good exercise to think critically about the news shared on social media channels.”  Listenwise “found a great resource of a compilation of viral hoaxes from the recent Hurricanes on The Washington Post to help you teach your students about fake news related to these natural disasters.” (Listenwise is a listening skills platform with a collection of podcasts and public radio. The free version has curated podcasts for the classroom, daily current events and a feature to share to google classroom.)

Something to think about…
ELA - Lit Trips Now Work on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth
“Lit Trip plots locations from a novel on Google Earth to create a 3D geographic tour of the story.” The locations can also include other content, i.e. images, activities, videos and more. You can search Lit Trips by grade, alphabetical or by literary locations. Once only available on a Mac or PC, these are now able to run on Chromebooks. There’s a little setup involved and +Eric Curts gives you the steps in written form and in a video. Click here.

Use App Dice To Give Student Choice and Foster Creativity
This is one example of using app dice in Seesaw, but the thought could carry over into other areas/projects, with other tools/apps as choices. If in my district, reach out if you’re interested in working together to create something similar for your students!

Creative Book Trailer Ideas
Click here for ideas on 3 different levels with suggested tools from the Brenham Tech Daily

3 Tutorials on Mapping Stories
Google Tour Builder (For individuals to create, no collaboration feature at this time)
Google’s My Maps (Can be created with collaborators, have each create on their own layer)
Scribble Maps (Yes, you can draw on them! There are ads in the free feature. You can use without logging in, just make sure to finish in one sitting if going that route.)
Thank you +Richard Byrne.

5 New Ways to Learn History on the Internet
“No one dislikes history. You can only dislike the way we were taught history. Find the right teacher and it’s like opening up a treasure trove of tales. There are stories of heroes and villains, warriors and saints, lovers and siblings. And here are the teachers you need to enrapture your mind.” Click here for the list as posted from Mihir Patkar via Make Use Of

Ideas and Tools for ELL
Click here for a blog post with resources from the +EdTechTeam.

In Addition…
12 Ways to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Hack
Click here for some help from Apartment Therapy


Do It Yourself (With Some Help)
The DIYZ app helps when your DIY instructions are a little incomplete or if you just want to start here. The app is free and they offer a “pro chat”, a “how-to project library” and a way to purchase materials within the app. Available on iOS and Google Play. Thank you Apartment Therapy!


21 Halloween Decor DIYs: Ghouls, Goblins, Ghosts and More
Click here for this article and how-to’s from Brightnest.com


Freeform's (formerly known as ABC Family)13 Nights of Halloween Lineup
For those who love Halloween movies, click here! Thank you Apartment Therapy!


Wet Book Rescue: How to Repair a Wet, Damaged Book
Click here, from The Kid Should See This and Syracuse University Libraries


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