Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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Did you know?
Find Your Passwords - https://passwords.google.com
This is where you can go to find lost passwords or change whether or not a site will automatically remember your password. For Chrome & Android.

Updates to Google Docs
This list is from +Richard Byrne, see his article for a little explanation of each. +Google for Education 
1. Revision History is now called Version History.
2. A new "clean" preview.
3. Make suggestions from Android or iOS devices.
4. Accept or reject all changes in one fell swoop.
5. Add-ons included in new Google Docs templates.
One more is the ability to insert columns. When Google Docs first came out, you couldn’t have them. To insert columns: highlight your text, click Format, click Columns to insert 2 or 3 columns.

A Reminder: How To Turn Off Blue Light On Your iPhone/Ipad At Night
The Blue Light Coming From Your iPhone And iPad Wakes Up Your Brain, making it harder to go to sleep...or back to sleep. This handy feature can be setup to happen automatically and make the screen easier on your eyes at night.
Enable Night Shift on your iPhone (repost) - This feature makes your screen warmer in tone as the sun goes down! That blue light is hard on the eyes...this is a nice fix. You can work with a custom schedule or choose “sunset to sunrise”. You can also choose your level of “warmness”.  
To access:  click Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. You’ll have it up and running in no time. Here’s a video from +Cool Cat Teacher if that is more helpful. Here’s the video in ViewPure if you want to also share with your students.

What if?
A Choice Board Of Activities For Elementary Students Who Finish Early
This is a Symbaloo web mix of activities students can choose to do when they have finished their work.  There should be something here that will interest most students. Created by Nina Perry. Click here.

Epic Classroom Blogging With Elementary Students
A super short article to set up the 10-minute podcast, with teacher Rayna Freedman, covering topics students choose, blogging workflow, favorite free tools, image citations, photographs, and this teacher’s approach to digital equity and inclusion. She has been blogging with 4th & 5th graders. Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher  Note: when the page opens, just scroll down.

Ten Things You Can Do With Google Forms
Not sure what Google Forms can do for you? This has a nice list from +Richard Byrne to get you thinking about how this tool can work for you and your classroom.
Note: You need a google account to create a Google Form, but Google Forms can be filled in/used by anyone with any device. Your students, colleagues, parents, etc. don’t need to have a google account to fill in a google form you design.  Click here.

Something to think about…
10 Google Slide Ideas For The Modern Day Classroom
Published Books, Poetry Anthologies and more! Click here to get ideas that go beyond a powerpoint type of presentation from the +EdTechTeam. Google Slides is one of the few Google tools that you can over lap images, shapes and text in (Google Drawings is another). You can also change the page sizes. This is also a great tool to have a group or class create a presentation, study guide or other documents in a collaborative way. Assign a slide to each student or group and let them do the curating!

Math & Technology (and Art)
Check out these two lessons from i-heart-edu.com & Meagan Kelly

Number Your Assignments in Google Classroom
A structure and organization suggestion from +Alice Keeler with a description, a template and how to add or remove assignment numbers for class documents. Click here.

37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks
Click here to start the year out right.

Google Document URL Tricks
This article from +Tony Vincent has ways to transform a shareable link into a Preview, Copy, Template, or PDF link, just by changing a small part of the URL.

8 Free Timers to Help You Keep Activities on Schedule

Music Hack for Google Slides

How to Add a Picture Password to Your Google Forms
From Amit Agarwal, click here.

Monarch Caterpillar to Cocoon in just under 6 minutes
Thank you +Digg for this hi-def video!

In Addition…
Shadows Of Inanimate Objects Spring To Life
Redwood City, California commissioned artist Damon Belanger to create these quirky pieces. Thank you @Digg Note: when the page opens, be sure to scroll down.


Helping Clear Creek ISD
If you want to donate directly to a school district, this one is set up, organized and definitely in need. Their Education Foundation is handling the monetary donations for them. There is an address that gift cards could be mailed to and maybe even Amazon orders sent to.


These Are Attachments You Should Never Open
Here’s an article from +Richard mentioning a few signs.
Here’s a video from Common Craft, “Phishing Scams (captioned)”


One Of My Favorite Apps
Charity Miles  “...rack up donations for your chosen charity by walking, running, or cycling. Each mile is worth .10 to .25, depending on the type of activity you choose, and you can change charities each time if you want to help several organizations.”  - @lifehack
You can create teams of friends/family members to help motivate each other, all while helping others. To download the free app and/or see the charities you can support (at least 40 to choose from) click here.
  • Women's Running Magazine's Best Overall App
  • Men's Fitness Magazine's Game Changer of the Year
  • Winner of the SXSW People's Choice Award
  • Winner of a Webby Award For Best Health & Fitness App


“The Drip Irrigation System That Rocked My World”
A little something for all of those gardeners out there from Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff!


Essential safety tips to discuss with your kids about crowds and separation


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