Monday, May 1, 2017

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Did you know?
How To Edit the Subject Line in GMail

The Word Mover App for iOS Can Be a Good Tool For Poems or Short Stories
This free iPad app from readwritethink has a similar look as the refrigerator poetry, but the backgrounds are nicer and you can add words if needed (my favorite part)! It is easy to use and easy to save. Students don’t need a password and can share their finished work to the camera roll. The users do go in with a username and can go back to unfinished work. Recommended for grades 3-12, with lesson ideas for each on the ReadWriteThink website. +Richard Byrne,

What if?
Check out Discovery Education’s List of Brain Boosters
I used to use lateral thinking scenarios in class when we had a few extra minutes at the end. I taught Art and clean-up was always 5 minutes before the bell. We would have a few extra minutes from time to time and the students seemed to enjoy these challenges. Discovery Education’s list has the following categories: Lateral Thinking, Logic, Reasoning, Spatial Awareness, Number & Math Play, Word & Letter Play and more! Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

A Biography Inquiry Lesson
Nadine Gilkison took this popular activity and “kicked it up a notch with student choice and technology”. Click here to see the lesson slides. Thank you @nadinegilkison and +April Riley 

Something to think about…
How One Seminar Class is Using Google Docs & Putting the Planning in Student’s Hands
Check out this blog post from The Junto discussing how students are compiling the discussion questions for class.  “Each week, one to two students will be responsible for compiling a list of discussion questions before our seminar group meets. In week 1 I will circulate a list of who is responsible, and when. When it is your turn to create discussion prompts, you will need to do the following:”

Manage The Technology in Your Life (starting today!)
“We don’t want to give up our devices altogether; we want to be in control of our phones instead of letting our phones control us.” If this sounds interesting to you, +Angela Watson has a {free} 21-day challenge for teachers to learn and practice how to be intentional in how you’re connected.
Click here to learn more. Beginning today, Monday, May 1st, she’s going to give you one new habit each week to try...creating 3 simple habits. Click here to sign up.

Pattern Block Templates and Activities with Google Drawings
Numerous templates for you to use with your students from +Eric Curts along with nice charts to show students how to move, rotate and flip pieces. The tessellations, vertical and horizontal symmetry templates could be used in Art as well! Other templates include Ways To Make A Whole, Perimeter Of A Garden, Biggest And Smallest Perimeter, And Create And Write About A Picture.

10 Math Tutorial YouTube Channels
These channels, from +Richard Byrne, are for high school and college students. These are not on Khan Academy. Image: Roman Mager via

In Addition…
National Do Not Call Registry
If you haven’t and you want to block telemarketers, sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry here. It is run by the Federal Trade Commission and updated every 24 hours. Your registry doesn’t expire. They do have a way to check and see if your number is already registered. Telemarketers will have 30 days to stop calling. Image: Maarten van den Heuvel via


Online First Aid Courses - Free
Maybe a good class assignment for those who finish early or for those state test days that take up most of the day, but not all? This could be great for juniors and seniors to learn first aid basics before heading off to college. Certificates are provided upon completion.


5 Really Important Automotive Safety Checks You Should Do Yourself Before Getting On The Road
Here is a nice list from +Cool Mom Picks


Digg’s 10 Favorite Gadgets That Are Less Than $30
“From tough charging cables to powerful wireless speakers, these gadgets are surprisingly impressive. (And cheap. Don't forget cheap.)” +Digg


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