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Did you know?
Google Calendar Tips
To see your events in a list view, click on “Agenda” (located in the upper right of your screen)

To change your default calendar view, click on the gear icon in the upper right, click on “settings”, scroll down to “default view”, set to your desired view and then, the most important part...scroll to the top or the bottom of the page and click “save”.

Teaching Kids (and Adults) about Clickbait
A nice post from TCEA explaining what clickbait is, why it’s so dangerous, what you can do and lesson ideas for teaching students about it. Image: https://pixabay.com/p-304097/?no_redirect

Augmented Reality v. Virtual Reality v. Mixed Reality
A 3:35 minute video to describe the differences from +Richard Byrne 

What if?
Google Classroom: Record Video Straight to Classroom
“This is a game-changer, from your mobile device you can record video straight to Google Classroom.” (from +Alice Keeler) And...students can do the same to turn in a video recorded directly in Google Classroom. This is currently a mobile feature only. Check out Alice’s post for a how-to.

Google Drawings is the Hidden Gem in the Core G Suite Tools For Education
Think of it as a digital drawing/poster board! This post from +Matt Miller will give you tips and tricks for using this tool as well as ideas for using them in the classroom, such as interactive posters, infographics, timelines, collaboration, comic strips, annotation and more! Check out his post on 10 engaging Google Drawings activities for classes for a little bit more. +Google for Education 
For a great video on using this tool and learning how to draw an avatar at the same time, check out “Doodle Yourself with Google Drawing

Something to think about…
Set Up an FAQ Page For Your Students To Address Questions You Get Repeatedly
In addition to “Ask 3 and then me”, this is a great way to eliminate repetitive questions. “You want to cover the basics that could be stopping your students making progress. Try making a list of the questions you routinely answer again, and again.” For more, check out this post from Dr. Liz Hardy @SimpliTeach If using Google Classroom, the “About” tab is a great place for resources like this. Creating your FAQ in a google doc (and sharing the link/doc) is a great way to make sure students always see the latest version. Padlet would also be good...meeting these same criteria.

5 Ideas To Level Up Language Arts
A great 10-minute podcast to listen to while eating your lunch, entering grades, etc from @Alex_Corbitt via +Cool Cat Teacher. They cover:
How to scaffold reading
Making use of classroom spaces
Some cool project ideas including “talk show host”
Using picture books even with older kids
Establishing benchmarks for students
Advice for new teachers

How to Find Old Maps Online
You can view online, download or print...and they can be used as overlays in the Google Earth layers. Thank you, +Richard Byrne 

50 Tips For Every Grade from +WeAreTeachers
New to the classroom, new to a grade level or in your grade level for the long haul...they’ve “canvassed the web to bring you the best and brightest grade-specific advice from your peers”. Check it out here! Note: They currently have PreK - 7th grade, GT, Sub Plans & School Supplies with more coming soon.

In Addition…
Protecting Your Digital Life in 8 Easy Steps
You may not do all 8, but give a few in this article a try! I’ve had my computer’s camera covered for a while...though I do get a little teasing about it. By Jonah Engel Bromwich via The New York Times


A New Postage Stamp Reveals A Rare Astronomical Phenomenon When You Touch It
To mark the first total eclipse of the sun in 38 years, “the United States Postal Service is issuing an inspired postage stamp with a special trick.” To learn more about it and the map on the back, click here for the article by Anne Quito via Quartz Thank you Swissmiss


Surprising Things You’re Doing To Mess Up Your Sleep
6 things to look into and be on your way to better sleep...and who doesn’t need that?!
From making the room colder to getting your thoughts down to stopping the late night TV … and a few things in between, check out this quick article from @carleyK


Brain Pump: A Place To Learn Something New Everyday
Spend more time here and less on Facebook. For more sites check out this post, “Ditch Facebook And Make Yourself Smarter With These 10 Hottest Learning Sites” from Chloe Chong via +Lifehack


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