Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Google Slides Tips, Drive Keyboard Shortcuts, Dangers of Public Wifi, Mystery Hangouts, Google Classroom Group Docs Maker, Best iPhone "Case", Questions to Ask, Creative Easter Eggs, #EdTech

Did you know?
Google Slides Tips Thank you +Eric Curts 
  1. Share with “Publish to the Web” not the “Share” button to play your Slideshow full screen automatically.
  2. Google Slides are a great way to play YouTube videos safely to avoid seeing related videos down the side.

Loop Google Slides & Customize Timing
  1. In your Slides presentation, under “File”, click “Publish to the Web”
  2. In the next window is where you set the timing, when to start and if you want it to loop
  3. If you want to keep it within your domain, click “Published content & settings”, then click the box to require your viewers to sign in to your domain
  4. Click the blue “Publish” button
  5. Copy the link to share (if you use “Present”, it won’t loop or auto advance)
To edit or make adjustments to the timing, you’ll need to do the steps again and copy the new link. If you edit the slideshow content, images, text, etc. those will appear in your link without having to re-publish. For step-by-step instructions with images click here. +Google for Education 

What if?
Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts
  • “Shift + Z” Allows You To Have The Same File(S) In Different Folders in Your Drive
    • Simply click on a file in your Google Drive (not a right-click), then hold down the Shift and Z keys. Then choose the folder to add it to.
  • “Shift + F” = makes a new folder
  • “Shift + T” = makes a new document
  • Select a file, then click “Shift + N” to rename it
  • For more, click the gear icon in Drive and select “Keyboard Shortcuts”
Thank you +JP Hale 

Something to think about…
5 Ways Hackers Can Use Public Wi-Fi to Steal Your Identity
An informative read for all from Phillip Bates via @makeuseof (The article has several links to other articles dispersed throughout, I used a Chrome extension, similar to Mercury Reader to clean it up and make it a smoother read. If on a mac and using Safari, simply use the Reader feature (click on the lines to the left of the URL once on the website).) Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker
An add-on from +Alice Keeler to make assigning collaborative group docs faster.  For the article on how to use it, click here. +Google for Education 

Mystery Hangouts/Skype Lesson Plan
Mystery Skype/Hangouts are like an updated 20 Questions game. Your class interacts with another class remotely and each try to find out where the other is located. @JenGiffen has put together a lesson plan for you. Thank you +Kasey Bell +Matt Miller  #gttribe

How to Create and Play Factile Jeopardy Games
This tool was mentioned in a previous post, here is a how-to video from +Richard Byrne 

In Addition…
The Best iPhone Case Isn’t Even a Case at All
I love the simplicity and lack of bulkiness in this design! @digg @utomic

30+ Fantastic Open-ended Questions To Ask Your Kids, So You Don’t Get A Yes Or No Answer
For the complete list, broken up into 5 categories, click here. +Cool Mom Picks image: photo by London Scout via Unsplash.com


15 Gorgeous & Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Galaxy, Ombre, Washi Tape, Balloon, Mosaic, Typography and many more creative decorating ideas from Georgette Gilmore. Thank you +Cool Mom Picks


DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs
Easier than you think! See this post with instructions & photos from @LittleInspiration, first seen via +Cool Mom Picks


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