Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Did you know?
Google Earth is Now Available on Chromebooks!
Formerly, only available through a download, Google Earth is now a Chrome web-based tool ... making it easier to access! https://www.google.com/earth/ Be sure to check out the 3D button to see “any place from any angle” and the Voyager feature - interactive guided tours created by the world’s leading nonprofits, scientists, and storytellers. Currently only available in Chrome and on Android, with iOS and other browsers coming soon. For more information click here or check out this video tour of the New Google Earth from +Richard Byrne +Google for Education 

Try Using Dotstorming for Brainstorming Sessions or For Easy Voting
This free tool has been around for a while, but worth a glance if you have brainstorming or voting needs in your class. You can set up a board with all of the choices preset or have participants add their thoughts via text or images. You can also import a Pinterest board (if it isn’t too long) to show their choices in a voting situation. Students access the board using a link. When in a dotstorming board, click on the logo in the upper left to get back to your dashboard. You may have to refresh for new boards to show up. Here is an example of one I set up importing a Pinterest board. Here is an example where participants added their favorites. Check out this video from +Richard Byrne to see it in action and to learn how to use it.

What if?
Ask 3 Then Me
Several of the questions you get in a day are repetitive and easily addressed by classmates. Incorporate a practice of students asking others and looking in other places before they come to you. This is something I have used in my classes as well, helping the students be more independent and helping teachers to free up time to focus on the deeper needs. Click here for the post and to download the poster. Thank you +Eric Curts and Oskar Cymerman.

Creaturizer iOS App for Elementary
Students create wild creatures, then take the iPad outside and photograph the creature in different environments to satisfy 4 different missions, in which the students have to consider their animal’s needs (habitat, diet, and adaptations). Creaturizer, from PBS, is free and doesn't require students to login or create an account. Their creations are stored in the Camera Roll on the iPads. Thank you, +Richard Byrne

Something to think about…
“Innovate Like a Turtle” - Vicki Davis
Move forward a little bit every day (or whatever sequence works regularly for you). This philosophy was developed by Vicki Davis aka +Cool Cat Teacher … check out this 7-minute podcast to hear how one teacher is implementing this technique and some of the things she has done with her students, including global projects, filter bubble comparisons (great idea to do if able to collaborate with a class in different part of the country or the world) and book trailers.

Using Google AutoDraw in the Classroom
This article from +Eric Curts tells you how to use AutoDraw, the Pros and Cons, and ideas for using this easy tool in the classroom along with a few examples he has done (one showing the water cycle). For students who get frustrated communicating visually, even for those who don’t, this can be a fun way to structure assignments/projects that are more engaging and student created.

Math Lesson...Exploring Surface Area: A Google Slides Activity
Lesson thoughts and Google Slide Activity link for you to make a copy of from Meagan Kelly Thank you +Eric Curts

Math Lesson...Area Of Shapes Scavenger Hunt Via Google Slides
Lesson thoughts and Google Slide Activity link for you to make a copy of from Meagan Kelly ...click here for a follow up to that lesson. +Google for Education 

Science...Free Resources for Ages 4-11
Check out ReachOut Reporter for free topical Science resources, updated weekly. They have 5 categories (article, fact pack, feature, news update and video) for you to choose from. You can also sign up for weekly lesson inspiration! Thank you, +Eric Curts

In Addition…
How I Added Four Hours Of Battery Life To My Smartphone Every Day For Free
Here are 5 things that may make your phone life easier in this post from Jennifer Jolly via USA Today. They include instructions on how to check your phone and adjust the necessary settings. I’ve seen several posts on saving battery life but focusing on background activity and email can make a huge difference. This post is geared towards iPhone users but has Android steps for most of the tasks.


Smackdown: All-in-one Printers
Looking for a printer for your soon-to-be college student or one for the home? CarleyK compares some of the latest in this post.


Empower the young and young-at-heart to be architect, designer & builder with this set of 25 stamps! Not yet available, but you can reserve your set. Retail: $24.95. Thank you SwissMiss


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