Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Did you know?
Pull Text From jpg’s or pdf’s Into An Editable Format, Using The OCR Feature In Google Docs or Google Keep (OCR: Optical Character Recognition) Thank you +Eric Curts +Google 

iPhone Tip: Share Your Location
Don’t worry about texting updates when meeting someone or traveling, just share your location and let your friends or loved ones check in when they like.
Go to the person you want to share with in “Contacts” or in “Messages”, click on the “i” next to their name (on the right side of the screen), choose “Share My Location”, then choose how long you want your location shared. (1 hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely)
Google Maps:
Has a similar feature using your Google Contacts, see this article from +USA TODAY for details

What if?
Google Classroom - Help Students More Easily Find Their Work … & … More
This is a great post from +Alice Keeler to help you and your students navigate their assignments more easily. It covers using the folder icons, using the “I” button to it’s fullest abilities, unlinking documents as a way around potential “ownership” hassles - especially for those journal entries and/or long term projects! +Google for Education 

Adding Music to Google Slides?
Here’s a quick video from +Richard Byrne on a work-around that will allow you and your students to get some music into your Google Slides. This is one of the main complaints when switching over from PowerPoint and maybe this tip will help ease the transition!

Something to think about…
Easily Place Long Answer Choice Lists In Google Forms
If you’ve got your answer choices already typed in a document, spreadsheet, etc., you can copy the entire list and paste it into the first answer option box. It will take care of the rest. (For multiple choice, checkbox or dropdown answer choices.) Another option is to use the formRanger add-on, see this article from @teachingForward for a how-to. Thank you +Eric Curts +Google for Education 

5 Ways to Show YouTube Videos Without Related Content
You’ve probably heard of a few of these to use to avoid seeing the sidebar video list in YouTube and...yes, View Pure and Safeshare are included! You can also do this within a Google Slide or using Watchkin or Quietube. This short post from +Richard Byrne gives you links to the tools and a little write up on each.

How I Teach Map Skills Through Amusement Park Design
For grades 3-5, Social Studies, Art from Erin Bittman via +WeAreTeachers 

In Addition…
Mermaid Toast
Fun for all of the mermaids in your life...especially the little ones! Thank you +Cool Mom Picks
Cream Cheese with food coloring and any fun toppings you want to add!


Lego Tape?!
Wow! I love this idea...build sideways, up and down! Thank you swissmiss
Indiegogo campaign - donate to get yours this summer


The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using
Good info, especially for those new to working out, from +Greatist 


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