Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day...

Did you know?
iPhone Tip: Do Not Disturb
If you use your iPhone as your alarm clock or want to be productive without hiding it in another room, try the Do Not Disturb feature.  This feature silences calls, notifications, texts, etc., but, your alarm will still go off and get you started on your day. There is an option to let those listed in your Favorites still get through or another to let repeated calls get through so, you don’t have to be completely unavailable in the event of an emergency. To access: go to “Settings”, click on “Do Not Disturb”, then choose the settings that work for you.

What if?
Insert Videos from Google Drive into Google Slides
It doesn’t have to be a Youtube video anymore! Now you can insert other videos as long as they are saved in your Google Drive. Another perk...if inserting a Youtube video if would insert the entire video….Within Slides, you can also select start and end times for the video to play, as well as, muting the audio, if needed. For a quick how-to video from +Richard Byrne click here.

Something to think about…
Awesome Apps For iPads In The Elementary Classroom
Click here for a podcast from +Cool Cat Teacher where two teachers talk about their go-to iPad apps. Great to listen to while doing lesson plans, eating lunch, grading papers, etc.! (Less than 10 minutes long.)

“Random Acts of Kindness Day” is Feb. 17th
For free K-12 lesson plans, to lead a kindness project or to form a kindness club, go to https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/for-educators - you will need to create an account and fill in a quick profile to get in and access the resources. There are generally 4 lessons per unit. Most grade levels have 4 units available. A lesson example can be seen below. Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher.  

American Presidency Archive
Original presidential documents can be found here. Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher.

Google Apps Tips Posters
A request form, click here to fill out a request form if you would like to be emailed several posters designed by +EdTechTeam with tips on using the tools in the Google Suite. +Google for Education 

Creative Commons (and Copyright) Explained In Simple Terms
A 3:37 minute video by +Common Craft to help students understand how copyright and creative commons work and why they are important. There is a transcript available on the site. Thank you +Richard Byrne https://www.commoncraft.com/video/copyright-and-creative-commons

How to Search for Creative Commons Images
A video on how to use the new search feature on the site, from +Richard Byrne https://youtu.be/8nZiWY4eODw

In Addition…
Dr. Seuss - Putting Rhymes to Good Use, thank you @SwissMiss https://youtu.be/uaQs1-bUG1U


11 Cooking Basics Every Grown Person Should Know from +Greatist 


15 DIY Things To Do To Increase Home Safety from +Lifehack 


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