Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Did you know?
iPhone Tip:
Remove clutter to make reading on your phone easier on your eyes
The Reader feature in Safari makes articles easier to read and takes out the ads. To access: once you’re on the page you want to read, click on the gray 4 line icon you see in the search bar, on the left.

Quick Google Forms Time Savers For Teachers, For all of those Google Forms warriors out there (from +Matt Miller) +Google for Education http://ditchthattextbook.com/2017/01/30/quick-google-forms-time-savers-for-teachers/

What if?
Podcasts in the Classroom - For Social Studies, Science and ELA
Listenwise is a great site to find content for your classes in a podcast format to boost listening comprehension. (Podcasts are audio only, no video.)
  • The site includes lesson elements for the different podcasts that can include:
    • A handful of comprehension questions
    • T-charts
    • Listening organizers
    • Language identification checklists
    • Discussion themes, etc.
  • 2 lesson ideas from Listenwise:
    • Debate It! Every Friday our current event is designed to spark a debate. Get your kids talking with their stories
    • Listenwise Wednesdays. Build a listening routine where you use a story from Listenwise on the same day each week.
  • The free version has curated podcasts for the classroom (can be sent to students via a link), daily current events, a weekly roundup and a Share to Google Classroom shortcut.
  • You’ll see a Socrative quiz at the bottom of some, that is a Premium feature.
  • You’ll also see an orange “Assign” button in the upper left of the screen...assigning to a class is also a Premium feature, but...this is where you click to get the link to share with your students or to post it in an assignment directly in Google Classroom.
  • The ELA section has book titles listed, but these are not audio books, these are recordings of people talking about the books/stories and relating them to real life.
  • These are not long. I looked at several and they ranged from 3:00 - 7:00 minutes.
  • Another lesson idea could be for the students to listen to a Podcast(s), then do a Screencastify recording of them telling you their response to the content, summarizing what they learned, etc. One of our middle school Science teachers included this type of assignment on her Science Tic Tech Toe Board. (Screencastify is a free and easy Chrome Extension to use.)
Take a look at the site and see if it could be a good fit for your lessons! Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher +Listenwise +Chromebook 

Something to think about…
Learning Activities with Emojis in Google Docs, 🎉🏁🌅  from +Eric Curts 
In this article, Eric shows how to access/insert emojis in Google Docs and goes over these five activity ideas. This could be a fun way to change things up and engage your students with something they already enjoy! +Google for Education 
  1. Write a summary with emojis
  2. Create a rebus story with emojis
  3. Explore emotions with emojis
  4. Use emojis in place of math variables
  5. Create pictographs with emojis

71 of the Best Science, Environment And Climate Accounts To Follow On Twitter, From Federal Orgs To Rogue Scientists, compiled by +Cool Mom Tech  http://coolmomtech.com/2017/01/best-science-environment-twitter-accounts-on-twitter-rogue/

Three Reasons to Maintain a Photo Gallery With Your Students, from +Richard Byrne 
For more details, see his article:
  1. Copyright Freedom - creating your own photo resource file
  2. Writing Prompts - for times when students “don’t have anything to write about”
  3. Concept Illustrations - for math and science

In Addition…
Swap Cinnamon for Sugar - learn the benefits of this superfood from this article on +Greatist  Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/de/Cinnamomum_verum_spices.jpg


WhoIsMyRepresentative.com - to find who represents you in Congress. “You will be presented with your representative's contact information as well as links to various other information regarding your politician.” Thank you NerdyTeacher!


Check out Countable - to get simple explanations of bills and issues in the news, easily find/contact your representatives and make your voice heard with votes within the app. Click here for the website. Click here for the app. Thank you @SwissMiss


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