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Did you know?
iPhone Tip: Finding/Using the Level on Your iPhone
Did you know you had one in there? I had heard about it somewhere before but didn’t know where in my phone it actually was. +Carley Knobloch to the rescue!
To find the level:
Open the Compass App > There should be 2 dots at the bottom of the screen (indicating there are pages you can scroll through), Swipe to the 2nd page and there it is! The screen turns green when level. It can be used horizontally or vertically. There’s a bubble level here for Android users.

Easily Record & Share Audio
Vocaroo is a website where you can quickly and easily record audio and share it via QR code, link, popular social media platforms or download in 4 different formats, including MP3 and WAV. This could be a great tool for:
  • you to use with students who need accommodations, tests/stories read, etc.
  • students to summarize content and turn it in
  • quick instructions to be given
  • explanations of concepts to be given/created and so much more
The QR code option is built in for you, making it tremendously efficient.
Note: You don’t log in or create an account so it might be good to set up a google doc, folder or similar, to keep track of your links and QR codes.
Thank you, +Sarra Smith 

What if?
Free Whiteboard App That Will Record What You Draw/write and What You Say
Know Recorder is a great tool for your iPad or iPhone to demonstrate learning or give video instruction. A nice tool for students to use to record their thinking, understanding, etc. Finished products can be saved to the Camera Roll or to YouTube if you have an account. By clicking the gear icon, there is also a place to sign in to FB, YouTube or Dropbox...just something to be aware of. You can save projects as Public, Unlisted (anyone with the link can view) or Private.

Something to think about…
Beware of Online "Filter Bubbles"
An 8+ minute TedTalk about “filter bubbles” and our access to other points of view, from Eli Pariser. A great subject for our older students to understand, analyze and talk about. Thank you +Christy Fennewald +TED 

11 Tips For Keeping Up With Technology
A nice sketch note from Silvia Duckworth to help keep it all in perspective! Thank you @hilltopMriley
A few of my favorites are:
1. Don’t try to keep up with everything. You can’t. Nobody can.
4. Follow key people and subscribe to blogs (See a great resource for that below!)
5. Try new things little by little, one step at a time.
9. Manage your time. Take time to learn but don’t let tech consume you.

50 Fabulous EdTech Blogs to Follow
If you’re looking for a place to find new educational technology ideas, tools and resources a blog is a great place to start. +Eric Curts has a compiled a great list to get you started. Pick one, subscribe and let new material come to you! (I'm honored and humbled to be included in this list.)

Animated Headers for Google Classroom and Google Forms
Check out this post from +Jeremy Badiner for the step-by-step instructions for Google Classroom
Check out this post from Jeremy as well for the step-by-step instructions for Google Forms +Google for Education 

Resources for Teaching About Propaganda and Fake News
This Padlet by Shannon Miller is overflowing with resources for you! Thank you +Christy Fennewald 

In Addition…
Inspiring Ways Your Kids Can Design, Create And Invent Using Tinkercad, a quick article on this free, creativity tool from +Cool Mom Picks image: http://intergalacticrobot.blogspot.com/2012_03_01_archive.html


4 Tips For Creating A Social Media Policy For Your Babysitter/Childcare Provider


Calvin & Hobbes - Art Before Commerce


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