Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Did you know?

Been Thinking About Seesaw, But Want More Info?
SeeSaw - Student driven digital portfolios and simple parent communication...(also has a blog feature, if you're interested). For iOS, Chromebooks, Android, Kindle Fire and Computers with Chrome or Firefox. +Seesaw 

SeeSaw is offering several webinars starting today!
If you're not able to watch when it's aired, register anyway and they'll send you a link to the recording for you to watch when convenient.

They're offering 1 hour, 30 minute or 10-minute sprint sessions.
Below is what is coming up, click here to go to their actual page with live links.

Also helpful:
Seesaw Roll Out Plan - detailed 2-month plan to help you get started

Introduce Seesaw to students with the Student Challenge:
The challenges are an interactive way for your students to get going with Seesaw.  “The Seesaw Student Challenge is a detailed lesson plan with a series of activities that teach students how to use the Seesaw tools. After finishing the Student Challenge, students will have five entries in their portfolio!”

What Passwords Are Saved On Google Chrome - thank you Eagle Bits and Bytes https://passwords.google.com Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b2/Steal_password.jpg/1280px-Steal_password.jpg

Don’t Forget About These Useful Updates in Google Drive - thank you EdTechTeam
  1. File Upload Question Types in Google Forms - students/responders can now upload files as answers to your Form Questions.
  2. Add Page Numbers in the table of contents of your Google Docs (Go to Insert>Table of Contents then choose one of the formats displayed)
  3. Voice Typing with more voice commands, for a complete list click here
  4. The Explore feature in Docs, Slides and Sheets
    1. In Docs, it recommends images and topics
    2. In Slides, it will apply designs based on content
    3. In Sheets, you can ask a question with words, not formulas, about your data
    4. For more on these, with animated examples, click here

What if?
Free Converter For Video, Audio, Images, Ebooks, Etc. Using Zamzar - thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

Google Classroom: Reuse A Previous Post
3 minute video showcasing this tool and what you can do with it. Hint: it’s also a great way to post an assignment to a class you may have forgotten.

Four Ways to Record Your Computer Screen (screencasting)
Great for teachers and students (more helpful info from Eagle Bits and Bytes)
  1. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - Fireshot (Chrome Extension)  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/take-webpage-screenshots/mcbpblocgmgfnpjjppndjkmgjaogfceg

Something to think about…
Classroom Ideas for Government & History via +Pinterest 

Explore Valuable Writing via +Pinterest 
Once on the page scroll down for several resources, including “14 Tips from Stephen King” and “Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling” https://www.pinterest.com/pin/68732103013/?utm_campaign=category_pp&e_t=7ea874e11eab40c7af6fe3aad7583734&utm_content=68732103013&utm_source=31&utm_term=2&utm_medium=2012

What Stuck With You Today?
Ideas on getting thoughts from your students - thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

Every Country in the World

Brrr...Lessons on Winter Weather - 2 videos and a short post from +Richard Byrne in case these could be useful in your classroom. The videos are on the Chemistry of Snowflakes and lastly, one detailing why The Full Moon is Better in Winter. He also mentions a site with an Interactive Weather Maker (probably best for primary grade levels) … students can change the variables to create rain and snow storms!

In Addition…
11 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Metabolism - from +Greatist 


The 7-Minute Routine for Back Pain Relief from +Grokker and Pace & Go


The Psychology of Color, an Infographic via +Pinterest 


PetPeek Fence Window - What a great idea! Available on Amazon. Thank you SwissMiss!


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