Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Google Doc on Your Web Page, Create Animated GIFs, Updates to Cells in Google Sheets, Set up a Fake Class in Google Classroom, Topics in Google Classroom, Ideas for Using iPads in the Classroom, Would You Rather? (Math), Newspaper Forts, Photography Hotspots, Miniature Dioramas

Did you know?
Place A Google Doc On Your Website (in Edlio) and … Have It Automatically Update Every Time You Change It (great for lesson plans), +Google for Education  see below:
  • Create your Google Doc
  • Put the Share Settings at Public
  1. Click the blue Share button>click Advanced in lower right of pop-up box>click Change>click Public on the Web
  2. Make sure users only have Can View access
  3. Save
  • Login to your Edlio teacher web page
  • Click the blue Add Page button in the upper right
  • Choose the Link to Another Page option
  • Enter a title, i.e. Lesson Plans
  • Copy the link from your Google Doc and paste it into the Link To space
  • Choose if you want it to open in a new tab or within the same window (I would choose open in a new tab) Note: you may get a quick pop-up error message, but that should go away when you click the choice of how you want it to open.
  • Click Save

What if?
Easily Turn a YouTube Clip into an Animated GIF Image!
This article from +ShakeUpLearning has step-by-step instructions to guide you through it!

You Can Now Insert And Delete Groups Of Cells In Google Sheets

Something to think about…
Google Classroom Tip - Set Up A Fake Class
Set up a fake class in Google Classroom to store your resources, projects and assignments. Use the Repost Feature to pull from those and post to your real classes as needed. This is a great tip from the +EdTechTeam … for more go to http://ow.ly/3lHf3088bag

Google Classroom Tip - Topics in Google Classroom
Don’t forget to fit each assignment into a “Topic”.  This is a great way to designate which unit of study the assignment goes with...making it easier to find later, if needed. +Google for Education 

Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom
  • Challenge students to solve an algebra equation before Siri ​
can present the solution.
  • Ask a student to solve a math problem using the drawing ​
tools in Notes. Use AirPlay Mirroring to share the solution.
  • Snap photos of real-world polygons, add them to an album ​
in Photos, then play a slideshow for your students.

  • Present a science demonstration in real time on a large ​
screen using Camera and AirPlay Mirroring.
  • Switch between miles and kilometers in Maps settings to ​
show the relationship between imperial and metric units.

  • Use the highlight and notes features of iBooks to build study cards for in-class vocabulary review sessions.
  • Keep track of reading fluency for emerging readers using ​
the stopwatch in Clock.
  • Let students who have difficulty typing use dictation and ​
Notes to complete writing assignments.

  • Compare and contrast past and present views of the Berlin ​
Wall using Maps and Safari.
  • Curate a reading list of campaign stories with News to ​
support lessons on global politics.
  • Use World Clock to correlate geography with time zones ​
in different cities.

Excerpt From: Apple Education. “iPad Starter Guide iOS 10.” Apple Inc. - Education, 2016. iBooks. https://itun.es/us/kNtBgb.l image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/7691519996

Would You Rather? (Math)
Modern, relevant math word problems from the EdTech Coach for Chaffey Joint Union HS, also
co-founder and moderator of CAedChat for the state of California (just to name a few of his titles). This is probably most useful for MS/HS math teachers. When you first click on the page, it looks like an ad, but those images are part of each question, scroll down to see the different scenarios. @jstevens009 Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher http://www.wouldyourathermath.com/

In Addition…
Building Forts out of Newspapers...DIY!


This Map Guides You to Great Photography Hotspots Around the World +Lifehacker 


13+ Fun Miniature Dioramas By Japanese Artist Who’s Been Creating Them Every Day For 5 Years Thank you @SwissMiss


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