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Did you know?
FlipGrid - For Students to Respond via Video to “Ignite Discussion”
This tool is so easy to use and could be a breakthrough way for some of your students to reveal their learning, concepts, thoughts, ideas, language fluency, etc. The class discussion can be as open or restricted as you need. It’s a simple idea and quick to implement.
  • You create an account/grid and post a question for your students to answer or a prompt for them to respond to
  • You can post a link for them to access the site or you can post that link on your web page
  • They click on it, see the question and answer in a video format
  • They have 1.5 minutes of video time to answer the prompt/question
  • They can do retakes if needed
  • They get to preview their video
  • Then take a still shot for the preview image
  • Once it’s posted you can view it
  • In the viewing window, there’s a “transcript” button you can press to see the written form of what they’re saying. (This is in beta service.)
  • You choose whether other students are able to see each other’s work
  • You can also moderate, so no video is posted that you haven’t approved
  • There is a free version and two paid options. In the free version, you get 1 grid, unlimited students, unlimited topics, unlimited responses, video transcriptions and free iPhone/iPad and Android apps.

What if?
A Snapchat Project Based Learning Attempt
One teacher’s project to change things up a bit using +Snapchat. His students had been writing quite a bit and he was looking for something new…”Instead of coming up with something on my own, I asked the students. During our discussion, Snapchat was mentioned and an entire project grew from there.” For his article, click here. To see the assignment, click here.
#EngChat #PBL +NerdyCast 

Easy Internet Safety Tips For Parents From An Expert That You Can Start Using Now
This article, with tips provided by Ryan Moreau and posted by +Cool Mom Tech, answers the following questions and gives 2-5 easy steps for each...to help you help your family stay safer online.
  1. How can I make our family computer safer?
  2. What’s the safest way to share information on social networks, like Facebook?
  3. What’s a good age for parents to start talking to and educating their kids about internet safety?
  4. What are the five most important things parents should make sure their kids know before sending them off to surf the web?
Image from +Unsplash, photographer Kate Serbin

Something to think about…
Write Less to Write Better
When your students are working on being concise and clear in their writing, Google Docs has a great tool to help them. Using the “Word Count” tool, students can see how many words or how many characters they’ve used in their writing. This article from +Eric Curts has a few ideas for helping students be able to summarize, restate and clear out the unnecessary filler text. He includes ideas for activities and includes access to a nice “Compose a tweet” template, done in Google Drawings, to make it a little more engaging and “real world”. +Google for Education

7 Skills Digital Kids Will Need In 2017
...not just kids, we all need these! Take time to read this article from +CyberWise1 identifying what is becoming more and more important.
  • Knowing How To Unplug
  • Reputation Management
  • Identify Fake News
  • Social Skills
  • Maintaining Safe Relationships
  • Knowing When to Keep it Private
  • Ingenuity and Leadership

Improve Your Photos with the Very Best Photo Editing Apps from +Photojojo
Great apps to fine tune, work filter magic, superimpose, retouch, print, get creative, slow down your shutter, digitize or go manual...suggestions for all of those are in this article.
I’m using the “1 Second Video Everyday” app this year...it might be a great way to record what goes on in the life of your classroom...a digital experiment of sorts!  Image: https://static.pexels.com/photos/4968/person-hands-woman-smartphone.jpg

Unsplash - Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.
Stunning images! This could be a great resource for teachers, students, reference images for art, etc. +Unsplash https://unsplash.com/ image by Arushee Agrawal

A Lawyer Rewrote Instagram’s Privacy Policy So Kids And Parents Can Have A Meaningful Talk About Privacy - A good starting point to understand, and help students understand, what you give away and agree to when using social media. Posted on Quartz, Thank you +Cool Mom Tech

In Addition…
21 Incredible Innovations That Improved The World In 2016
Amazing things in this post! Feel good about what others are doing, give students ideas for the greater good, etc. (if sharing with students, be aware of the invention at slot #20) +Mashable  http://mashable.com/2016/12/18/social-good-innovations-2016/?utm_source=swissmiss&utm_campaign=623a750ca5-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2660ad4d17-623a750ca5-393340477#HTEVAfdmAiqa


World Map Reveals What Each Country Does Better Than Any Other, thank you @SwissMiss


9 (Creative) Ways To Stay In Touch With Long-Distance Friends, thank you @SwissMiss


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