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Did you know?
Google Classroom: Assess (and Access) Student Work Faster
A great tip sheet and infographic from @alicekeeler http://alicekeeler.com/2016/11/22/google-classroom-assess-student-work-faster/

How to get “read receipts” on the emails you send in Gmail
Initiate the request before you send the email. When you are composing your email, there’s a “more” button or a drop down arrow that will reveal that choice. See image below:

All Things Google Classroom!
This site, from +EdTechTeacher, has a plethora of resources on the use of Google Classroom.
When on the page, scroll down to see your choices. The sections include:
  • How Google Classroom Works, broken down into 6 categories
    • Posting & sharing
    • Grading
    • Assignments
    • Questions
    • Announcements
    • calendar
  • Google Classroom FAQ
  • Google Classroom Tutorial Videos
    • Google Classroom Updates
    • Intro & Set Up in Google Classroom
    • Google Classroom iPad
    • iPads & Google Classroom
    • Google Classroom Introduction
  • Learn More About Google Classroom
    • Updates
    • Using Add-ons and using with other sites/tools
    • Great Things You Can Do in Google Classroom
    • And more!
Thank you +Matthew George for sending my way! Great content from +Ben Sondgeroth!

What if?
6 Awesome Uses for Revision History
(Repost) This Google Apps tool has some useful applications, see +Eric Curts post here for the complete list. It is available in Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings. Also available in Google Docs is the Draftback App (needs to be added from the Chrome Web Store). Draftback plays through the development of the document like a quick video, making it possible to see if large chunks of text were pasted in at one time. +Google for Education 

You Can Now Save Your Favorite Posts In Instagram!
Look for the black bookmark icon underneath each post. Click on that to save to a new (private) tab on your profile.

Something to think about…
Digital Differentiation with Google Classroom
This article from +ShakeUpLearning outlines a few options with explanations: Teacher Choice, Student Choice and Long Term Projects/Modifications. http://www.shakeuplearning.com/blog/how-to-differentiate-assignments-in-google-classroom/

OpenEd and the Lesson Plan Add-on for Google Docs...New Science Resources
(OpenEd has an Add-on to make creating lessons incorporating resources a little quicker for you.) They’ve recently added 1,000 new resources aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, including some from CrashCourse, SciShow and more! OpenEd also has content on TEKS for ELA and Reading, as well as TEKS for Math for Texas Teachers. I first saw this in a post from +Richard Byrne. He has a short how-to video on accessing and using that Google Docs Add-on within this article.

A Fun App for Learning to Add Fractions (incorporating images) on the iPad, Free
Article from Richard Byrne, link to app Fraction Mash The students can also tell a story of their fractions in a “report” using images and text, it can then be uploaded into a teacher hub, if you decide to create one.

Educators to Follow on Pinterest
Thank you +ShakeUpLearning, for the complete list, click here.

Save Time With Custom Templates In Docs, Sheets, Slides And Forms, +Google for Education  click here

In Addition…
Circle from Disney
“Manage all of your home’s connected devices. Parents can filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home.” $99 Thank you +April Riley https://meetcircle.com/circle/


These Clever, Inspirational Notes Hidden On Trains Will Brighten Your Day


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