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Did you know?
How to Add a Website Icon to Your Home Screen on an iPad or iPhone For those websites you or your students visit frequently...set up a button on the home screen and make it easy to access every time!
On your device:
go to the website you want to add an icon for
Click the share button
(on an iPad it is at the top, on an iPhone it is at the bottom)

Click the Add to Home Screen button
(on an iPhone you may have to scroll through the gray icons to see this button)

Another screen appears where you can choose a name for the icon
Click Add when finished to complete the process.
(these images are from an iPad)

Math Playground Holiday Themed Games - great for those who finish assignments early or if you have small bits of time between events/lessons.
For Chromebook
Pop Penguin and the Place Value Race is a fun game to test your primary student's skills. They choose from 3 different levels of difficulty throughout the game, so a little differentiation is built in! The students play against Pop Penguin and try to finish the game before he does.  A video demonstration (This doesn’t give all directions or details, just an example. Make sure they read, or you go over, the short instruction page before they get started to clarify a lot of potential questions.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZYW0hbMJSs

Sugar, Sugar: try to get the sugar to flow into the mug(s)...fun for the holidays and has a problem-solving element to it.

For iPad
Holiday Math Games - has the start page for all 17 of their iPad games
(Top make it easy to access, use the process mentioned at the top of this post to put a button on one of the iPad home pages)

Christmas Chain - try to throw the matching snowballs to make them disappear before catching up to Santa...problem solving and strategy needs increase as you go.

Complete the equations to complete the holiday picture by doing these different tasks, each is a separate game: Counting Money, Addition Facts, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Addition 2, Subtraction 2 or Telling Time

What if?
Lower Test Anxiety And Improve Retention With These Strategies
A 12-minute podcast with the Cool Cat Teacher and Todd Finley, PhD who has taught elementary and 7-12th grade English. Take a listen as you’re grading papers, organizing your classroom or eating lunch at your desk...maybe there will be some takeaways that will benefit your students. When you go to the webpage, scroll down to almost the bottom until you see this image, then click on “play episode”. +Cool Cat Teacher 

How To Reject Media Addiction & Get Back To Productivity
5 strategies to help reshape the way you spend your time on a device, along with some common sense ideas to get you started from Tony Stubblebine. Even taking one of the steps may make a big difference. I’m not ready for #5...at least not yet. @swissmiss @betterhumans https://betterhumans.coach.me/how-to-reject-media-addiction-and-get-back-to-productivity-d50c6830cadd#.yoa87svtk
  1. Set a media consumption budget
  2. Install BlockSite on your main work browser
  3. Move replacement habits onto the home screen of your phone.
  4. Move or delete Facebook, Twitter and your web browser.
  5. Remove the web browser from your phone

Something to think about…
Gift Idea or Just a Great Way to Take Notes? - The Rocket Wave Notebook is nice tool for those who like to be conventional and techy all at the same time! Who says you have to be one or the other?! The notebook is written in, in the usual way, but there are icons at the bottom of each page that help designate which cloud-based storage you want those particular notes/drawings to go to. By choosing the icon at the bottom of the page and snapping a picture with your phone that note/page automatically get stored electronically for you.  If you use the Pilot Frixion pens, (These are retractable and erasable! Double bonus!) your content can be erased in the microwave and the notebook can be used again...up to 5 times! Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher for sharing! A video to explain and demonstrate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnbhLStChMc

Why Every High School Should Teach A Social Media Class - “It’s changed our world and its importance is only growing.” A nice article on a great idea from Josh Spector via Medium  https://medium.com/an-idea-for-you/why-every-high-school-should-teach-a-social-media-class-c777b6e6eef9#.8swxsrxbd image: https://static.pexels.com/photos/163118/texting-mobile-phones-hands-two-163118.jpeg

How to Use the Citation Tool in Google Docs - When the Research tool in Google Docs was replaced by the Explore function...the citation feature went away, but Google has added it back in. Please note: citations only work while in the Explore feature and it won’t work for images. See this video by +Richard Byrne for the steps and how it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe9ZpjxDjbU

Finding And Using Youtube "read Aloud" Book Videos For Your Students - a nice, comprehensive list of resources from +Eric Curts  http://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/12/youtube-read-aloud.html

5 Riddles from Popular Mechanics:

In Addition…
DIY Children’s Holiday Gifts That Are Cooler Than Macaroni Necklaces
This has several ideas, but my favorite may be the Handprint Keychains! From +Cool Mom Picks http://coolmompicks.com/2016-holiday-gift-guide/diy-holiday-gifts-from-the-kids/


10 Wearable Safety and GPS Devices for Kids - For those too young for regular cell phones...there are some new and interesting options... “ Safety wearables now come in a variety of convenient designs, from a disposable plastic band to a rechargeable watch that doubles as a cell phone.” http://www.safewise.com/blog/10-wearable-safety-gps-devices-kids/


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