Monday, August 29, 2016

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Did you know?
Customize your confirmation message in Google Forms - could be a quick way to let students know what you want them to do next. This is a repost from last spring, but I thought it may come in handy as we are starting new with the beginning of the school year. +Google for Education 
In your Form, go to Settings
Custom message in Forms 1.png

Choose Presentations
Then go down to the Confirmation message
Custom message in Forms.png

How-To Link Pack - a random collection of how-to videos and step-by-steps, just in case they are useful for you.

What if?
3 Free Tools for Slideshow Videos - Easy to use and perfect for Students or Teachers without running into limits on freemium tools. These are great when you don’t need a tool to edit video footage, but want to put images together in a clean, professional format. One offers voiceover, all three add music. +Google Photos +Adobe +Google for Education 

Gamifying Classroom Management
Classcraft is a full-scale gaming of classroom management and class participation! A longer intro to it can be found in my original post. But there are a few new features I wanted you to know about:
  • Import students directly from Google Classroom
  • Have them create accounts instantly using Google or Microsoft’s single sign-on
  • Review for assessments with interactive Boss Battles
  • Collect homework through Class Content
  • Award points for Google Classroom assignments
If you’re in my district, let me know if you would like any help getting started! +Classcraft +Google for Education 

Seating in the Classroom...Ideas

Something to think about…
Google Forms for Formative Assessment Checklists - This example by Monica Burns shows the use of an objective, rows and columns for including student name and mastery level, and a place for extra notes. It is nice to have all of these elements populate into a spreadsheet automatically. +Google for Education

Giving Students Choice During the Day Can Create Unstoppable Learning - I often refer to student choice when I’m talking about letting students choose the tools they’ll use to do their assignments/projects. This article takes it further and made me wish more classrooms had this element built into their day/week. Making time in your class where students can “make deeper connections, identify gaps and make plans for next steps” in areas of their choosing sounds incredibly valuable to me.  The teacher in this article started “Inspiration Time” in her class. She explained “this time was designed for them to ask themselves what they are curious about and what they want to pursue.” Sounds scary as an educator, but if you take the time to read the article, you’ll see her reasons for making it happen for her students. It becomes much less scary and much more intriguing! She is helping them gain the skills needed to be successful in college and any job on the market...responsibility, decision making, critical thinking, etc. Posted on +MindShift written by Maricela Montoy-Wilson

Google Docs, 10 tools teachers should know about from +EdTechTeam 
From Tables to Comments to Story Builder to Voice Typing, this one-page pdf is a good reminder of what tools are available.

Using Google Slides in the Classroom - This one-page pdf  from +EdTechTeam  has 10 ideas for using Google Slides in the classroom

5 Features of Google Slides Teachers Should Know - a quick video from +Richard Byrne  covering
  1. Changing the background
  2. How to crop an image or lay it on top of another image or round the edges
  3. Transition options
  4. Animations
  5. Presentation Mode

In Addition…
Top 10 Biggest Weight-Loss Myths for Women - some nice, common sense information from +Lifehack and Emma Carty  image:


How to Cut a Pineapple in 5 Simple Steps - Animated steps, just in case you were curious, or your college student wants to know! +Greatist



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