Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Did you know?
Glide Typing and Google search right from your Apple iPhone’s keyboard - How did I not know about this earlier?! Search ... Glide Typing … hooray! By adding the Gboard app, you can save yourself a lot of time, in little increments. Thank you SwissMiss

I did get the app. It asks you to allow “Full Access” to enable the great Search feature. If you click allow, you’ll see the warning below. I have to admit, it is scary. At the time of this post, I opted not to enable this feature. I may change my mind later. It really comes down to what you actually type on keyboards in general. I'm really more excited about the Glide Typing anyway!

I’ve since been told that any keyboards you install can see everything you type, in any app. This isn’t how Google has the keyboard set up currently. For more on this, regarding the Gboard app, go to Glenn Fleishman's article http://www.macworld.com/article/3070767/ios/googles-gboard-doesnt-send-your-keystrokes-but-it-does-leak-chicken-and-noodles.html @GlennF

Wizer.me for interactive lessons or a great place to store resources for your students - A few notes:
  • It integrates nicely with Google Classroom
  • Sign in with Google is an option
  • Create your own lessons or choose from a library set up by content areas
  • In our district, I tried it on a chromebook with a student account and was able to access the site
  • Make sure you hit “Save” from time to time...this isn’t an autosaving tool
  • There are 3 ways to get them to students  - Google Classroom, a link or a PIN code Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.13.04 AM.png
  • Here is a quick one I made to be used as a resource page. I just entered links for a few of the tools we’re highlighting in our EdTech Academy in June https://app.wizer.me/preview/n7UC8
  • Getting Started Video (6 minutes) https://youtu.be/VCRILjVjNqI

What if?
How to Make Movies with iMovie on Your iPhone! - iMovie is a free app (it hasn’t always been). This 6+ minute video, by Matthew Frattali @iMattFrat, will walk you through how to record and edit from your iPhone, with some good tips along the way. A good thing to know about iMovie is that it has a question mark icon that when clicked, will label what each of the tools/icons is for. 5_23 imovie question mark.png
These steps should work on an iPad as well. This could be a good resource for your students doing video projects. Published on May 15, 2016  https://youtu.be/Ur8JBQ66K6c

If you check your phone too much and want to change that - try changing your screen to gray. The bright colors are intentional draw us in. I saw this in an +Greatist post. To give this a try, go into Settings>General>Accessibility>Turn on Grayscale

Something to think about…
Google Expeditions - Our High School was lucky enough to participate in the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program last week. These are virtual field trips taken via google cardboard devices, led by the teacher on a tablet. We were part of their beta testing. A Google Representative took our students to over 21 different locations through the course of the day...from Auschwitz to the Great Wall of China to Bikini Atoll and more! Around 500 students went through the program in 20-30 minute segments. They have over 200 expeditions to date. It is supposed to be available to schools in the Fall of 2016. It will include expeditions with sound and 360 degree video. Take a look and see if this would be a good addition to your curriculum, especially in the Social Studies/History area. +Google for Education #GoogleExpeditions https://www.google.com/edu/expeditions/

JoeZoo Express Add-On for Google Docs - Three tools in one, JoeZoo Express is powerful, but may take a little time to understand all of its capabilities.  It is a rubric builder, grading tool and a writing feedback tool. It has the ability to save you time in the long run, but will take a little time on the front end. It does integrate with Google Classroom. +Google for Education 
If you would like more information, this will take you to a list of tutorial videos:

10 Summer Reading Programs for Kids - free printable included to make it easy to send home with students. I saw listings for up to 8th grade. Thank you Shellie Deringer and +WeAreTeachers  image: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=106698&picture=reading-a-book-on-the-beach

How to Download Your Remind History - a great little how-to video from +Richard Byrne on how to download a pdf of your Remind messages. https://youtu.be/KLB6p6_MFtk

In Addition…
Doing Good Things - “Raising Men Lawn Care Service” ...Rodney Smith Jr. started this project in Huntsville, Alabama to teach young boys to help the elderly, disabled, and single mothers in his community. All services are free and he relies on donations. If you would like to learn more, go to: http://www.inspiremore.com/rodney-smith-raising-men-lawn-care-service/
If you’d like to help him, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/raisingmenhsv2016


6 smart tips to help prevent distracted driving - ideas and gadgets to help avoid the temptation to multitask from +Cool Mom Picks http://coolmompicks.com/blog/2016/05/16/smart-tips-distracted-driving/ image: https://vimeo.com/155146311


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