Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Create a Hanging Indent, Email notifications in Gmail, Google Drawings, On an iPad (or Chromebook) Instead of a Worksheet, Make Great Passwords, Google 4 Doodle, 17 Equations, Mobile Manners, Running, What Teenagers Think is Cool, The Twitter Bird's Name, Mirrors, Super Glue

Did you know?
Google Docs: How to Create a Hanging Indent - +Alice Keeler shows how it's done

How to turn on/off email notifications in Google Classroom - this can be done as needed:
Once in Google Classroom
Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left of your screen
Click on Settings (all the way at the bottom)
Check or uncheck Send Email Notifications

  1. Change the size of your canvas:  File > Page Setup
  2. Change the background color: Right click on canvas > Background
  3. Find copyright friendly images: using the research tool: Tools > Research (filter by image and usage rights)
  4. Find images with a transparent background
  5. Download your finished product in multiple formats: File > Download as (pdf, jpg, png, svg and more!)
  6. **My favorite: being able to layer/stack images and text

What if?
10 Activities to do on an iPad (or chromebook) instead of a Worksheet - a quick article by +Craig Badura with the list below. See his article for examples, ideas and app suggestions. These same ideas can be put into action on a chromebook or other device. The apps may be a little different, but not always. http://www.craigbadura.com/2014/07/10-activities-to-do-on-ipad-instead-of.html
  1. Create
  2. 2_9 collaborate_10 activities.jpgPresent
  3. Collaborate
  4. Code
  5. Explain
  6. App Smash
  7. Discover
  8. Explore
  9. Assess
  10. Communicate

Something to think about…

Let’s teach our students how to make great passwords - The how-to from CyberWise for you and your students. I like the idea of a phrase or song title to give you a starting point. +CyberWise1  http://www.cybercivics.com/#!blog-/cd1p

It's your turn to help us choose the five National Finalists! Voting on Doodle 4 Google is open now through Feb. 22. This could be a great thing to let your students/class help decide! +Google for Education  http://www.google.com/doodle4google/?utm_source=gplus&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=vote1


Mobile Manners (3/4 of 10) ways to bring back phone etiquette and become more personal. I know I need reminders at times...this is one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll include 2 each week for 5 weeks. Thank you +CyberWise1 http://www.cyberwise.org/#!10-Rules-for-Good-Phone-Manners-in-2016/c1aod/56a7c2750cf229630713ca99
3. Keep phone conversations private: No one wants to listen to the latest drama in the grocery store or hear a business deal in a movie theater.  If the call has to be taken, excuse yourself and leave the area.

4. Answer a text in a timely manner: If you can't answer back, don't forget to!  Let the person know you'll respond to them and do so.

For Fun…
Why Running Doesn't (Always) Burn Fat - a great article by Adam Bornstein explaining how the body and metabolism adjust … and why you need to change things up to burn more fat. http://greatist.com/move/running-mistakes-not-losing-weight?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter_2016-02-02_mails_daily_new_header



Did you know the official name of Twitter’s bird is Larry? Named after the Celtics legend, Larry Bird. Thank you +ProductHunt 


When people see themselves in the mirror, the chances of them to behave irrationally lowers significantly. That's why it's a good practice to have a mirror behind the counter at a bar or customer service of any kind. http://instanerd.me/


When super glue starts to stick to your fingers, it can become troublesome very quickly. Instead of trying to pull the skin apart you can use one homemade remedy. First dip your fingers in water and put a small pile of salt on the super glue, then add some more water on the salt and rub the salt into the glue for about 1 minute until it looks like white paste. After that wash your hand and the glue should be gone.  http://instanerd.me/


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