Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Did you know?
How to spell check in your Gmail - click the small grey arrow in the bottom right corner, choose Check spelling, it will then highlight all questionable spellings in yellow, click on each highlighted word (not a right click) for other spelling options. When done, click the “x” to right of Recheck in the bottom right corner.  +Google Chrome  For a quick video by The Gooru, go to

How to split names and sort alphabetically in Google Sheets - If you have a long list of names/students and need to sort them alphabetically, check out this quick how-to for pasting a list of names into a Google Sheet, splitting their names (first and last), then alphabetizing them using the Sheets Add-on “Split Names” https://youtu.be/c_VRp3X_CmU

What if?
Periodic Table Battleship!? A clever way to help students learn by Karyn Tripp. For how to make and how to play, go to http://teachbesideme.com/periodic-table-battleship/ +Lifehack 

Something to think about…
Mission-based design challenges, based on a creative process – 20 minutes per day for several days. The dream team behind Red Paper Plane created “Missions” as a whole new way to learn for those 3-6 year old designers under your watch. It was initially designed for families, but schools are using them, too. So far, there are 13 missions. Download all or just the ones you’re interested in.
Family Doctor
Birthday Planner
Head Chef
and more!
http://www.rpplane.com/ They also have a Pinterest page with ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/rpplane/ Thank you SwissMiss.

6 Ways You Should Revise Your Writing, Every Time - from +Lifehack - 6 steps to help tackle the challenge given when you’re told your writing “doesn’t flow well”...good for students, good for us all! http://www.lifehack.org/356122/6-ways-you-should-revise-your-writing-every-time?mid=20160127&ref=mail&uid=103833&feq=daily
"The future is waiting to be written
all weathers we lean to the task
the sky balanced on our shoulders like the past"

TechBoomers - free online lessons for everything from using Netflix, to using Instagram, to using Uber...and so much more!  A good tool for older adults, but also for adults who have young children...as they get older you’ll need to understand what they’re using. The site is nicely planned and easy to navigate. Thank you +CyberWise1 +Techboomers  https://techboomers.com/

Mobile Manners (2 of 10) ways to bring back phone etiquette and become more personal. I know I need reminders at times...this is one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll include 2 each week for 5 weeks. Thank you +CyberWise1 http://www.cyberwise.org/#!10-Rules-for-Good-Phone-Manners-in-2016/c1aod/56a7c2750cf229630713ca99
  1. Respect the Living: Be present in real life, face-to-face conversations.  Texting while having a personal conversation is rude and it tells the other person they don't matter as much as the text.  Be considerate.  Be present.

  1. Never call or text while driving: I think we've all seen the PSA about texting while driving.  A text or call can wait until the car is pulled over.  It’s just not worth the risk.

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom - from @CoolCatTeacher and +Edutopia this has sections on:
  • Is Social Media Relevant? Take the Quiz
  • The Social Media Answer
  • The Social Media Myth
  • 12 Ways Teachers are Using Social Media in the Classroom Right Now
  • It's in the Standards

For Fun…


9 Apps All Young Adults Should Have on Their Phones - and even some for older adults! I might look into that “Digital Locker” for easy documentation of household valuables, but “Handy” scares me a little...I would need to read more…. Thank you +Mental Floss http://mentalfloss.com/article/74212/9-apps-all-young-adults-should-have-their-phones


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