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Did you know?
Productivity on your iPhone
A quick video on various apps that can be used for productivity for everything from getting your news, building habits, task management, scheduling your social media, managing your grocery list, keeping a journal, creating podcast playlists, collecting your ideas to taking another look at your notifications. Several of them work well with Evernote, for those already using that productivity tool. There’s something in here for everyone from +Cool Cat Teacher. Thank you +April Riley 

iPad updates you may want to use
Jered Martinez, from TCEA, gives you some of the latest updates coming with iOS 9 that may be of use to you. (Thank you +TCEA and +Jered Martinez) Just a few for the iPad include:
  • picture in picture mode
  • low power mode
  • sharing content in notes
  • easy editing of big chunks of text

You can use Quizalize for students to compete in teams.  Quizalize is similar to Kahoot! … but has the added team option.  When students go in, they’re automatically assigned the the red team or the green team. Students work together to answer the questions. +Quizalize https://www.quizalize.com/  A quick intro video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmgMbEzkRUA

Exporting grades from Google Classroom into a CSV file
To do this:
  • go into one of your classes
  • click on an assignment
  • click on the gear icon in the upper right
  • from there you have two choices
    • “Download assignment grades” will download just grades for this assignment
    • “Download all grades” will download the whole gradebook into one CSV file
  • upload your grades into the gradebook your district is using
Thank you +TheGooru and @DavidWolford

What if?
It’s Time to Let the Kids Choose - a nice, short article by Lori Gracey on giving students choices and the benefits it provides.  There’s a little talk about choice boards and several examples to get you started. Another great way to offer student choice is in their projects and what they use to complete/present them. The teacher doesn’t have to know how to use all of the tools. Just be open with the student about your knowledge level. Some will be motivated to use a tool that is new to you, so they can have a chance to teach you! Another great way to get ideas for your choice boards is just to google “choice board images”.  When I did this morning, there were even categories by content area. http://www.tcea.org/blog/choice-boards/?utm_source=TechNotes+12%2F01%2F2015&utm_campaign=TCEA+TechNotes+12.01.15&utm_medium=email (Thank you +TCEA and +Lori Gracey)

Jingle all the way to Santa’s Village - “explore, play and learn with Santa’s Elves all December long”  … so much fun!  A new activity each day.  Great for elementary, but as an adult, I enjoyed the code lab very much!  It highlights which activity is new for the day. Can be accessed on iPad chromebooks and other computers by going to https://santatracker.google.com/#village  If you don’t have time to include this in the school day, maybe send the info to parents for after school. Some of the activities include:
Learn - holiday traditions (to download lesson plans, look at the bottom of the page)
Learn - code lab (fun,engaging, drag and drop, challenges increase as you go, 10 total)
Learn - season of giving, coloring ornaments
Watch - a short “Santa’s Back” video

Something to think about…
5 ways to turn a worksheet into a collaborative critical-thinking activity
For grades 3 through 12 - ways to get students up, moving, collaborating and learning the content by +Angela Watson  with very little time on your part. Great for test prep! http://thecornerstoneforteachers.com/2015/11/worksheet.html?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=google_plus&utm_source=socialnetwork
  • “Cut Apart”
  • “Everybody Knows”
  • “Lines of Communication”
  • “My Mistake”
  • “Pair Rotation”

OrangeSlice - Teacher Rubric Add-on for Google Docs.  
I haven’t done a test run of this one, but wanted to put it out there in case it is a useful tool for you. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/orangeslice-teacher-rubri/hfbffoacepkeklpippgijnoemfmiondo?hl=en-US
Video Overview published on 10/6/2015 - “It is a Google Docs add-on that automatically inserts a rubric into student work. The teacher can select categories, grade it, and have it process the grade for transferring over to Google Classroom.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KtzCnvqPYs

Top skills currently needed in the workplace
This graph was shared in a Google for Education Leadership Symposium I attended on Dec. 1st. I thought it was very telling and wanted to share. Thank you +Jamie Neuwirth and @jamesleonard1 from Google!
I know the image is a little blurry. These are the skills, in order:
problem solving - 51%
team-working - 33%
communications - 26%
critical thinking - 21%
creativity - 18%
literacy - 15%
digital literacy - 15%
leadership - 14%
foreign language - 14%
emotional intel - 7%

n/a - 2%

Google Classroom - Everything You Need to Know from +TheGooru , broken up into 3 parts:
  • getting started
  • logging you and your students in for the first time
  • creating a class
  • “About” tab in Classroom
  • inviting students to the class
  • setting student comment rules
  • student commenting - teacher knows all
  • options on a student comment
  • “Stream” tab
  • creating an assignment
  • adding Forms in Google Classroom (new as of 10/8/2015)
  • see the student’s work during the whole process
  • assigning a grade
  • creating a question
  • creating an announcement
  • reuse a post
  • move post to the top of the stream
  • communication from Google Classroom
  • Google Calendar

Two 7th grade math activities using Google Slides by Chris K @k_sirhc
addition pyramids - goo.gl/9rZfWm
CW length and width - goo.gl/FQ8C8K

7 Great Google Spreadsheet Gadgets and how to use them, from an article in PCWorld by @HelenBradley Thank you +Christy Fennewald 
  1. Make your own QR codes
  2. Make your own custom google map
  3. Quick and easy org charts
  4. Produce an interactive table
  5. Create a Gantt Chart from project data
  6. Plot data as colors on a map
  7. Create an animated pie chart

New ways to share grades in Flubaroo through Google Drive and/or print hardcopies.  Below are three different how-to guides:

For Fun…
Acts of Kindness Christmas Countdown Calendars


Wifi speedy in one part of the house, slow in the other? You may need a range extender. Some resemble a router, but there are smaller ones that just plug into an outlet.  This post from ApartmentTherapy.com gives you a little more information as well as some suggestions.  The article first talks about routers, but then gets to “Get a Range Extender”. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/the-fix-for-slow-wifi-225235 (Thank you +Carley Knobloch)


New ways to organize your digital photos
Carley Knobloch covers 6 ways, from books to digital storage, to consider in one short article. Including Bevy, Heirloom, Recently, Groovebook, ThisLife and Timeshel

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