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Did you know?
Looking for a presentation alternative, with multi-media capacity, that’s easy to use?  Give ThingLink a try.  This can be used by teachers or by students. Available online, on the chromebook and iPad. Students from 1st grade - 12th will enjoy this one!  ThingLink is offering free webinars to educators with several dates to choose from.  They are all in the evening.  If your evenings are full, register anyway. They’ll mail you a link to the recording of the webinar you can watch when you have time. “This monthly webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to using interactive images in your classroom. Learn why others are using ThingLink, how to set up ThingLink for your class, the basics of image tagging, and more! This webinar is perfect for any teachers just getting started with ThingLink. “ +ThingLink Education Community

Gmail will finally let you search all of your emails!
This had me baffled from the beginning...some of my emails would wind up in the Trash, even though I didn’t put them there.  But when doing a general search, it didn’t look in the trash bin.  I’m so glad it does now!  Make sure you look at the bottom of the page, though.  If you have search results in the trash it will have a message that looks like the image below.  
11_17 messages in trash.png
If your search is too vague, it will give you a message in this same area, asking for more details.

Restore deleted events from your calendar.  Google has given a trash can to Calendar! If you need to get an event back that you deleted, there’s now a way to do that.
Go to the panel on the left
Hover over the calendar it was deleted from
Click the grey drop down arrow/triangle
Click on Trash
Check the box next to the desired event
Click Restore selected events

Did you know SpellingCity has an award winning sister site for K-2 Science? Called Science4Us, available on the web or as an app.  It’s Free and provides 28, 2-week modules covering 4 areas:
Physical Science
Life Science
Earth/Space Science
Scientific Inquiry
Thank you @VSpellCityMayor  

What if?
Teach how to write a Thesis with rap. For grades 6-12. Flocabulary has an educational rap song and lesson tools to go with it. Flocabulary has raps and lessons for all 4 content areas. Some are free, some have a cost attached. If there's a concept your students are struggling with, a catchy rap may be just the thing to get them where they need to go. Some of the free lessons include:
Five Elements of a Story
Dividing Fractions
Force and Motion
Ancient Egypt
Linear Equations
Who, What, When, Where, Why
Plus many more!

Positive and Negative Integers: A Card Game - a take on the card game Twenty-Five. This article has the objectives, lesson plan, materials needed, adaptations to make it more or less challenging and an assessment idea. Thank you @TheSusanStrange & @education_world

What if you wanted a little movement in the life of your children and/or your classroom? Sworkit Kids is a Free app to do just that! If you want an alternative to GoNoodle, this might be worth a look.  You can go with a preset program or customize your own, choosing from categories in Strength, Agility and Flexibility & Balance.  A few of the preset workouts to choose from include:
Standing Only
Pre-Game Warm-up
Low Impact - Safe and Quiet
Kids Beginner Full Body Workout
They can last from 2 minutes to 30+, once you choose the workout you choose the duration.  You can also skip to the next exercise before the time is up, if needed. Maybe challenge the class across the hall for some “healthy” competition! Made for ages 7+.  There are several Sworkit apps, be sure to look for the kids version. They use kids in the videos, making it easier for children to relate to. Available for iOS and Android. Thank you +João Mattar +Sworkit 

Something to think about…
3 Must-Have iPad Apps for Kindergartners is a great article by 14-year Kindergarten teacher Angela Gadtke @MrsGadtke - with nice tips on getting started with each of these apps, as well as a few lesson ideas and how to use them with your students.  These tools are easy to get rolling and don’t require high tech knowledge. She focuses on apps that …
  • Encourage creativity, choice, and independence
  • Make student thinking visible
  • Remove barriers to allow students to do things that would otherwise would not be possible without technology
  • Provide ways for students to share their learning
All are Free.  On the ChatterPix Kids, make sure you get the “Kids” version...there is one that isn’t for kids.

10 Creative Alternatives to Research Reports and Papers - some fresh ideas from +Matt Miller  with an emphasis on getting more eyes to see the work the students create.  Knowing there is a bigger audience, makes producing the work more meaningful and long lasting. Some of the ideas include creating Websites, ThingLinks (one of my favorites!)/Interactive Posters, Radio Shows, Infographics, etc. for his complete list, explanations and links go to
11_17 research.jpg

My Hour of Code plugs for this week!:
Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level - a great list by Jacqui Murray to get you started, this one has tools for grades K-8. @AskaTechTeacher - Thank you +April Riley 

Hour of Code to feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens This is a partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm. Older students will learn to write JavaScript to power their games. A tablet-friendly, drag-and-drop version will be available in the next few weeks for younger students.  The Star Wars tutorial will be available starting Monday. The final version of the tutorial will be available Dec. 7 as kicks off the third annual Hour of Code campaign during Computer Science Education Week.”
11_17 code Star Wars.png

Dozens of Great PowerPoints for AP History Students & Teachers - a nice, quick resource from +Richard Byrne of Free Tech for Teachers

Manage what information is shared about you across Drive, Photos, Google+ and other Google services by going to - a simple, one-stop to make sure your privacy is where you want it to be.  For a little more, go to Rita El Khoury’s article @khouryrt

Life in the classroom - it’s always good to have some new tools to tap into. @Angela_Watson has 2 articles that may come in handy:

For Fun…
ArtSnacks - a monthly delivery of specially selected, premium art supplies to foster your creativity. A one-of-a-kind gift for your own imagination and vision or for someone special on your list.  They test the products and make sure they work well together.  Each box has 4-5 full size, high quality art materials along with a “menu card”.  Choose from recurring, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions - all with free shipping. Thank you @SwissMiss

11_17 artsnacks.png


Ignite Your Shine - A nice gift idea for those make your life brighter or for the creative(s) in your circle.  They are hand-crafted bracelets, made from a bicycle spoke into the shape of a lightbulb. “The light bulb-like shape serves as a constant reminder of how you S.H.I.N.E, while the spoke represents how we are all interconnected by the wheel of life.”  A $20 treasure that could also emphasize those with great ideas or to encourage ideas to always keep flowing.


Yoga Joes by Dan Abramson +Colossal @ColossalShop - 9 figures that made me smile! “ all that you can be in the yoga army.”  $25 for the set, inspiring inner peace with a wink and a smile.  


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