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Did you know?
A little more on using Comments in Google Docs from +Alice Keeler  including:
  • reply to comment tip
  • keyboard shortcut
  • locate resolved comments
  • link to comment
  • plus mention
  • suggestion mode
    • This is one of my favorite features, especially for helping students with bigger writing assignments, college essays, peer editing, etc.
    • If you're reviewing a document and want to suggest changing some text, you can suggest edits to the owner of the document without affecting the original text.
    • Your suggestions won't change the original text until the document owner approves them. Once you are in Suggesting mode, you just need to start typing to begin suggesting edits.
    • For more on suggestion mode see Google’s support page +Google for Education  https://support.google.com/docs/answer/6033474?hl=en

99 Texting Acronyms that Every Parent Should Know - maybe you would like to pretend they don’t exist, but they do.  This article by +Cool Mom Tech breaks them down into 4 categories, starting you off slow and harmless, then getting to the serious. http://coolmomtech.com/2014/07/texting-acronyms-and-phrases-parents-should-know/

You can use Kahoot! to introduce new material … called “Blind Kahooting”
“With a clever 20-question Kahoot!, her students learned a new subject inside and out, from scratch. They worked together, debated, discussed, and felt empowered. And what’s more, her simple little experiment took Kahoot! from being a fun formative assessment tool to a teaching tool integral to her curriculum. One which benefitted every single one of her students – regardless of ability or prior knowledge.” See more on how this teacher used it to introduce oxidation states.
For more on Blind Kahoot!ing go to https://getkahoot.com/blog/the-art-of-blind-kahoot-ing

Level the Playing Field
Sneak in Some Rules
Spark Critical Thinking

What if?
What if you were looking for an easy tool to bring your lessons and/or projects new life?  Visit LearnBop's blog and check out my article on Padlet - a versatile tool for all grades and content areas! Works on any device with internet access. +LearnBop +Padlet 

What if your students need to improve their typing skills?  This article from +Cool Mom Tech starts with tools for the young, then scrolling down you get to more robust sites.  Some mentioned in the article are:
  • Keyboard Ninja
  • Type a Balloon
  • ABCya
  • Type Type Revolution
  • Keybr
  • Keybr Chrome Extension (you can bring in content from favorite lyrics, a book, etc.)
  • Type-Fu

Something to think about…
Lesson idea: (from the Google Training Center, coming from a Health class, but can be adapted for most any content) +Google for Education 
Google Forms: Have students collect data from their family members on the types and amounts of food consumed over a month period. It’s always motivating to students if they can have a real audience to share their learning with...and real data to work with.
Create a class Google Site: Students each have a page where they add their data that was collected in a Google Form. Set it up so that they can only edit their own page. What’s great is that they can embed a graph from their Google Sheet directly into the Google Sites page. This is a live graph, so if the data changes, it is automatically updated in their site.

Lesson ideas for Math, using Google Drawings: Eric Curts, from the Sparcc EdTech Webinar Series has a “toolbox” full of examples and how-to’s for you! A few of the examples included are:
Lines of Symmetry
Partitioning Shapes
Pictographs and Line Plots
Properties of Quadrilaterals
Measuring Area
Algebraic Expressions
Lines and Angles
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1URZeW53_ieN0BY6PNpNyp67QCdHA7-98rDis6BHWLHM/edit This document also includes notation of the specific skills used in each lesson.
A video with a complete walk through of the lessons can be found here: http://ti.apps.sparcc.org/videopd/20151105-math-drawings scroll down for the video. The first 15 minutes or so is used to go over the basics in Google Drawings, the rest goes over each of the lessons and how you might use them in your class.  Even if these lessons aren’t what you need for your specific class (they’re mainly elementary through middle school), this might give you some ideas on how to use the Drawings tool with your content. +Eric Curts +Google for Education 

When your students start the college search process have them follow their potential school on Twitter.  This will give them a nice look into what goes on, on campus, all year long.  If they know the area they’re interested in, they can follow certain departments on twitter as well, i.e. @UFJSchool (News and notes from the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida … +University of Florida) or @UTmechEngr (The Department of Mechanical Engineering @UTAustin) +Twitter 

Cool Math in Real Life: The Mathematics of Shark Tank is a great article by Chris Brida, a 9th grade Algebra teacher from Baltimore, posted by +LearnBop 
highlighting and explaining the terms Valuation, Royalties and Profit Margins.  It has great examples you can use in your lessons to demonstrate where we see real world math. http://web.learnbop.com/blog/cool-math-in-real-life-the-mathematics-of-shark-tank

The 8 Minutes That Matter Most - 8 ways to make those minutes matter by Brian Sztabnik @TalksWTeachers - 4 for the beginnings and 4 for the endings.  A quick read with positive ideas to make easy changes to the way you begin and end a lesson. http://www.edutopia.org/blog/8-minutes-that-matter-most-brian-sztabnik?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=socialflow

Summer work for Teachers - authoring math tutorials for LearnBop.  One of the requirements is minimum of 5 years teaching in Elementary K-4 or High School Geometry or Algebra II. http://go.learnbop.com/be-a-bop-author +LearnBop 

Learn Coding For Free With These 10 Sites
A great resource from +Lifehack

For Fun…
(CNN) ”Taking pictures of famous landmarks is like writing a thank-you letter or ironing a shirt. You're sorta obligated to do it, and everyone does it more or less the same way. So when someone figures out a unique style of getting the job done, people notice.” Rich McCor (Paperboyo) is a British artist/photographer who did just that...augmenting his reality in a creative way that has made him an instagram success!   Thank you +CNN @christyfenne http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/01/travel/paper-cutouts-rich-mccor/index.html?sr=twCNN110215paper-cutouts-rich-mccor1033PMStoryGalLink&linkId=18450976


Watch time lapse of AT&T creating Jordan Spieth mosaic in downtown Dallas with 24,152 golf balls | Dallas Morning News (once on the page, scroll down to get to the time lapse video)


Elegant and clean app for sending evites
with a chance to win a $200 Target gift card
Contest ends on Nov. 20, 2015

Hobnob is an event planning/evite app … and then some. Within this app your guests can RSVP, get directions, participate in a group chat (if desired), get text based updates, private message you and share pictures from the event after it’s over. You can share your event via text, email, twitter or other social media. Guests do not need to have the app to RSVP, see the invite or the photos.

To participate in the contest you need to create a real or sample invite and share it on Instagram. More details at the bottom of the article by +Cool Mom Tech  https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/150d8ad49d750505


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