Monday, October 12, 2015

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Did you know?
Save the battery life and help your iPhone run faster:

  • Close all apps you aren’t using
  • Go into Settings >
    • Bluetooth: off (when you aren’t using it)
    • Display & brightness > auto-brightness: off  (lower than halfway to preserve battery)
    • Sounds > vibrate on ring: of
    • General > background app refresh: off
    • General > spotlight search > only check what you need
    • General > accessibility > reduce motion: on
    • General > accessibility > increase contrast: reduce transparency. (May change the appearance slightly, but helps to save battery)
    • General > handoff & suggested apps: off (unless you need it)
    • iTunes and App Store: turn off automatic downloads
    • Privacy > location settings: make sure only the apps that need your location are switched on
    • Privacy > diagnostics and usage: don’t send
    • Privacy > advertising > limit ad tracking: on

Save money:  This is one is worth mentioning again...if you have done the recent update on your iPhone, you need to know about Wifi Assist.  It’s a new feature that kicks in when your wifi signal is weak.  Sounds good, but it starts using Data to assist the signal = costly.  
To disable:
  • Go to Settings
  • Cellular
  • Scroll all the way down and turn off Wifi Assist

Clear up storage space on your iPhone by:
  • deleting texts you don’t need
  • deleting apps you don’t use (you won’t have to pay to add them again, they’ll be in your iTunes account any time you want them back)
  • deleting old emails you don’t need (this means emptying your trash, too...see steps below)

Nice, quick demo on Google Keep for iOS by my friend +Sarra Smith  - check it out! +Google 

What if?
What if you needed help managing your extensions and apps?  Getting your "most used" extensions to be visible?  Turning them on and off in a snap?  My favorite extension, just for that, is Extensity. +Google Chrome

What if you could take an image/jpeg of text and have it converted to an editable Google Doc? The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in Google Drive can do that for you!  It can convert an image of a physical page of text into an editable Google Doc. I tried this with some family shot records, just to see what would happen.  It turned out pretty well!  A quick demo by +The Gooru can be found here:   +Google Drive 

Something to think about…
Originally posted by @Perform Life Pro Tips...
10_13 humor in a diff situation.JPG

Using Google MyMaps for student projects. Here is a great article to walk you through it with examples and video - amazing! 5 Easy Steps to Design the Google MyMaps Lesson of Your Dreams From HS Social Studies teacher +Austin Houp

NASA - “The Martian Movie and Our Real Journey to Mars” Show your students a few of the ways the movie compares to what they’re really doing.

5 Good Google Tools for Social Studies Teachers - And How to Use Them by +Richard Byrne 

25 Fall Writing Prompts - The Teacher Next Door - Creative Ideas From My Classroom To Yours

Elementary Teachers: Go to to find free, “high-quality professional development workshops from an experienced computer science facilitator. The workshop will provide an intro to computer science, pedagogy, overview of the online curriculum, teacher dashboard, and strategies for teaching "unplugged" classroom activities. Workshops last 6-7 hours and will prepare you to teach the Code Studio courses for grades K-5. Workshop attendees will also receive a bag of swag and printed curriculum guide containing course lesson plans, a certificate of completion, as well as classroom supplies for the unplugged activities.” Several locations around can be found here: Thank you @TCEA

For Fun…
Halloween Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings with +Kasey Bell  … So fun!  Ready for you to make a copy of and use with students! The picture is mine.  To be able to see the other words, just click and move them over to the side.  You can hold down the shift key and select several words to move at one time.
“wicked witch in dark black creepy hair,
spooky zombie walking treats you to a scare”


Maybe not as much for fun, but just in the name of savings.  The Good RX app was recommended to me, by my doctor, last week. It will help you find the best prices on prescriptions, even with insurance. I didn’t realize prices could vary as much as they do from one pharmacy to another.  This app is free and has a 5 star rating from numerous users. The “app provides current cash and sale prices, manufacturer coupons, pharmacy discounts and valuable savings tips for thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies near you.”


Hello. / Mashup Self portrait A crazy good “business card” for this man’s editing talents! Another great find by SwissMiss


Using Ctrl + Backspace deletes whole words. If you want to delete something AHEAD of where your cursor is, you can use Ctrl + Delete.



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