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Did you know?
Did you know there is now Voice Typing in Google Docs?  It is under the Tools menu.  

Did you know there’s a Chrome Extension that will read Google Docs and web pages out loud? “Read&Write is a Chrome Extension that does just that. Originally designed to help users who are dyslexic or learning English, I have found this tool to be also be great for multitasking and double checking your grammar. It’s like having a digital proof-reader (or bedtime story reader) built right into your Chrome browser.” Thank you +TheGooru 
A few notes:  From my experience, right after installing the extension, I had to refresh my page in Google Docs for it to show up, then it asked for permission to run.  You have to allow that before the bar of tools, play button, etc. will show up.  To allow it to read wording on web pages, you will also have to give it permission first.

On your iPhone:
Did you know you can quickly type internet or email addresses on your iPhone? When typing them, touch and hold the period on the keyboard to pick from .com, .net and others. Tip#10

Also on your iPhone, you can make text bigger in a snap...Go to Settings, then Display & Brightness, then Text Size. Use the slider bar to adjust. Tip#56

What if?
What if you forgot to select “make a copy for each student” in a Google Classroom assignment - you could quickly fix it - without reentering it?  You can!  Simply choose the “Reuse Post” option, choose the correct classes from the list, leave the “create new copies of all attachments” checked if applicable, then choose “Make a copy for each student”. Click Post.  Once that is done, you can go and delete the original assignment.  Thank you http://www.edtechnocation.com/

What if students could view Google Classroom side by side with their work?  They can! Thanks to +Alice Keeler . First, they’ll need to get the Classroom Split chrome extension at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alice-keeler-classroom-sp/ifkgpacemihiplnocjocpgmoiefcojikThe extension pushes the windows of work a student is doing to the left and opens up the assignments page in Google Classroom for the student.”

What if you wanted your students to be able to turn in a drawing within a Google Form? There’s a way...it has more than a few steps, but if anyone can get your through them it is +Alice Keeler   http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/2015/06/24/google-forms-submitting-drawings/

Something to think about…
One Google Doc All Year Long: The Journal
One teacher’s steps and advice for using one Google Doc for their journals.  This can be used in any subject or content area.  This is one of her secrets for the 1:1 classroom and has great detail for you. http://www.litandtech.com/2015/07/one-google-doc-all-year-long-english.html

Don’t Walk Alone (home, to your car, to your dorm, etc)...
For those times when you are alone, but want someone to be aware and paying attention in case you need help, for college students, nurses, those who work late hours, realtors, for your children walking home from school, for senior citizens, for all ages. Developed by a student at the University of Michigan, Companion lets you reach out to family, friends or your campus police and have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night. Wherever you go, get there safely with a Companion! All you have to do is enter your destination and select some contacts to be your Companion. They don't even need the app installed. These Companions see a live map of your progress and get updates as you make it from Point A to Point B. If you start running, don't make it to your destination on time, have your headphones yanked out or your phone falls to the ground, we will check in on you to make sure everything is okay. If you don't respond in 15 seconds, we will automatically alert your Companions. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/companion-never-walk-alone/id925211972?mt=8


Must Have Chrome Apps for the New School Year
Published in August of this year, this is a nice palette of tools for you and your students.  If you don’t know where to start, this is a good jumping off point.
8 Chrome apps for Math get them started.
Then there are 3-4 apps for each of the next categories:
  • recording and editing audio
  • annotating and editing PDF’s
  • bookmarking and curating content ( +Padlet  is one of my favorites!)
  • enhancing the student’s reading experiences
  • enhancing teacher’s productivity
  • creating 3D models
  • QR generator apps
  • apps for research students
  • notetaking
  • screen capture (I use +Screencastify weekly - it is so quick and easy!)
  • sketching and doodling
  • task management

Have your class work in one Google Slide Presentation
This link will take you through the steps of using Google Slides for the class to work in one document/file.  Create a new Google Slide project, assign a different slide to each student, give them editing rights and off you go!  Create a different project for each class period.  Share the link through Google Classroom, your website or with a QR code. Be prepared to address what kind of editing options you want them to use.  They may want to change the theme, layout or transitions of the whole project.  Set those guidelines ahead of time, possibly stating they can’t make any changes that will affect the other student’s slides. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W6fPBsggsi66Efek3r-tGg7TBdvDvKWxdk4CwUhFGlg/edit#heading=h.izynjx8yy6oa

For Fun…
How To: Keep Your Headphones from Tangling
No purchase necessary!


Open your eyes people!”


In anticipation of the new Peanuts Movie
you can create your own Peanuts Character.
… Thank you @SwissMiss


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  1. As always, lots of great tips! I will most definitely be using this headphone method to keep my cord tangle free!!! Thanks for sharing, Julie!