Friday, May 1, 2015

May S/O to ArgyleISD teachers using Kahoot!, Padlet, Google Drive, Docs and Search

Shout Out to the Following:


1st gradeTexas Symbols quiz for all of 1st grade, Math: telling time on the hour and 1/2 hour (3rd grade teachers helped set up a class and sent some of their students to help the 1st graders.  Thanks to them, this has become a favorite in my classroom!  My first graders love it!)

3rd grade Math/Science - Vocabulary review, review of figurative language, teaching fractions, angles, graphing, science review, Earth Day Time for Kids magazine for students to use in science class. They had to read the magazine to be able to answer the questions. High School baseball buddy facilitated their math review. Currently in the process of creating a Kahoot! quiz for all of the 3rd Grade Social Studies teachers to use with the Studies Weekly newspapers - because they are able to get a printout of how each student did, they will be able to use it as a test grade. 

5th & 6th grade Art - Ironing out confusion over classroom rules and procedures, reviewing concepts, elements and principals, and quick reminders about instructions on a project.

5th grade Social Studies - Students creating a Padlet Board for a presentation on a National Monument they researched, then they use Teacher’s Padlet Board to turn in their project links.

Google Docs, Drive and Search

5th grade Math - Students are given a career path and students have to manage a budget, choose a car and house to fit the lifestyle for that given career. 

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