Monday, March 2, 2015

Paired Passages, Classroom Mgmt, Twitter Chats for Teachers & Google Classroom

Did you know?
Paired passages are common features of standardized tests. But test prep doesn't have to be boring! Get kids engaged with digital passages, instant feedback, and video links with these activities.  See for a free activity in the iOS Frolyc/Activity Spot app for the iPad.

In Google Classroom you can now:  add your own images for themes, students can upload images/videos to their assignments in the iOS app (and any other files from apps), you can view the “About” page in the mobile apps.

YouTube Kids Is Google’s First App Designed for Children - On 2-23-15, Google released YouTube Kids for free on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The app is billed as "the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind”

You can learn gmail keyboard shortcuts by installing the KeyRocket extension (tip - in your gmail settings, make sure you have keyboard shortcuts turned on) For a video go to

What if...?
If We Treated Star Teachers Like Star Athletes (Thank you Matt B. Gomez and BuzzFeed!)

Something to think about...
Are You Giving Out Lots Of Warnings? Here’s How To Fix It (Thank you Greg Gorman!)

Google Classroom: 7 things you may not know - by Alice Keeler
1. Student View is Different from Teacher View
2. Filter by Folder
3. You can not edit after “make a copy for each student”
4. Students lose editing permissions
5. Link to folder in Google Drive
6. About tab lets you add resources
7. Sharing settings solved

A Comprehensive List of Education-related Twitter Chats for Teachers from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

St. Patrick’s Day Is In About Two Weeks – Here Are Related Resources (Thank you Kasey Bell!)  The list was put together in ‘09, but most all links I tried are still good.

For Fun...
screen saver flip clock.JPG“Join us in celebrating 1,000 Chrome Experiments with a special experiment that visualizes all the experiments built over the past 6 years. Thanks to all the creators who built these beautiful web experiences and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Flip Clock ScreenSaver!
When the time changes, it actually flips.  Kind of fun, right? To download the Windows version of the flip clock by Fliqlo … I’ve heard it is also for Mac, but when I looked into it, I was a little hesitant.  I only put it on my PC.  It doesn’t stay on the screen all of the time, which made me think it wasn’t working for a little while.  But the next time I used the computer, it kicked right in!
Hooray - they listened!  “Incoming” is called “Shared with Me” again in Google Drive...making it less confusing!

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