Monday, March 30, 2015

How to ruin your life in 140 characters by Jon Ronson @dallasnews

I should read the newspaper more often, I wish I had the time...maybe one day soon I will. But for now, something has to jump off of the page and grab my attention with both hands. That is what this article by Jon Ronson did to me yesterday. Being a parent and educator in this age of social media is a tricky one. We are trying to give guidance as we learn. Today's youth will be better at guiding the children that come behind them. They will have lived it, through trial and error and the small bits of advice we can try to impart.

This article is good for adults and teens alike.  It talks about one senior director of corporate communications tweeting a few things, without really thinking.  But then it goes into the ramifications, the backlash, the bullying and then to question if the punishment fits the crime.

There is a good lesson on being careful about what you tweet, but also a good lesson for those who respond to those tweets, those who retweet, those who jump on the bandwagon and the damage it can cause.  

For me, it was just good food for thought.

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