Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chrome and YouTube Basics, Math Fluency, Toontastic and Writing Skills

Did you know?

Thank you Kasey Bell/Shake Up Learning http://www.shakeuplearning.com/
and Google Certified Trainer Boot Camp, Day 1

  • Logging into Chrome (the browser) is different from logging into Google Drive.
  • This is important because:  When you're signed in to Chrome on different devices, you can choose what information will sync across them -- such as your apps, bookmarks, history, and extensions. (Your login information is the same)
  • In using your Google Apps For Education account, you have unlimited storage.
  • You can drag and drop the tabs in any order at the top of the Chrome browser to rearrange them.
  • Shift+Command/Control+T = will open up a tab you just closed in Chrome.
  • Insert page numbers in Google Docs:  Click on Insert, then Page Number (then choose top of the page or bottom)
  • To split the tabs from a window and create a new window in Chrome, you drag the tab down.
  • Here is a simplified guide to Google Drive sharing by Kasey Bell: https://docs.google.com/a/aisdapps.com/document/d/1lLNk_P8L1qf6gs0dELO_WljCv6jr5xX7-6FMA2AxyeM/edit

Basics About YouTube

  • With your Google account, you also have a YouTube account
  • Everyone with an account has a YouTube Channel
  • You can add Channels (Subscriptions)
  • You can Create Playlists = a collection of videos
  • You can upload and edit your videos
  • Resource: Database of YouTube Channels by Content Area

3 Best Educational Apps That Improve Math Fluency

An in depth article, by a classroom teacher, on 3 of the best (out of 10 highly rated) math fluency apps.  Written on 2/2/15.  She gives information on scores, methodology, background, how you use them and if they are useful for students and teachers.  I found all three in the iOS app store as well as the Google Play store.  Through our GAFE (google apps for education) account we have access to GooglePlay, but - I am not sure if this works with the chromebooks just yet.  
math apps

Google acquires Toontastic and TeleStory

Both Toontastic and TeleStory are now 100 percent free, coming with all of their features unlocked. Toontastic for iPad enables kids to tell stories using cartoons that they can draw and animate, while TeleStory for iPhone and iPad provides an augmented reality camera that lets kids record their own TV shows.  These are currently just iOS/ipad/iphone apps.

7 EdTech Instruments To

Develop Your Students Writing Skills

A nice list with a variation of tools, published on 1/15/15 - something for class notebooks, online literacy tool, website/blog, search tool verified by teachers and librarians, prompt generator and story starter.  (Another tool, www.NoRedInk.com is one E. Adams is excited about to help students improve their grammar and writing skills.  There’s a YouTube intro here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-rpv0nIjO0)

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  1. WHAT?! I am so excited to learn the "CTRL T" shortcut to open the last tab I just closed! Where's this little shortcut knowledge been all my life?! Thanks for sharing. Love the new blog, Julie!